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1. AGM

  • AGM on 22 April 2006 - Election of New Exco for 2006 to 2008
  • AGM on 23 April 2005

    The meeting was attended by 18 members. The meeting was interactive with active participation from members. The financial report presented by Lim Kim Hoon (Treasurer) was approved. Members were presented with a talk by Vijaya Mohan on the Indian dance culture followed by a dance demonstration and participation. Members unanimously agreed, endorsed and approved the following programs:

    • Toa Payoh Girls Home
    • Ang Mo Kio Family Centre
    • Cambodia Project
    • 10th Anniversary: Chicken Soup and Symposium
    • Education Grant ?C extended to include needy students
    • Post Graduate Fund raised by Dr Catherine Lim of $2808 will be used for Post Graduates student only

2. Articles

3. Conference and Seminars

  • Joint seminar by University Women's Association Singapore (UWAS) and Temasek Polytechnic Global Connect Club (TPGCC)
  • UWAS' association with GWI (Former IFUW) provide members with an opportunity to attend GWI's (Former IFUW) Triennial Conferences to take an active part in the life of the Federation. Members exchange views and experiences through workshops, interdisciplinary seminars, networking, leadership training, plenary discussions and informal meetings. The social programmes vary with the location of the Conference and highlight the history and culture of the host country. Recent Conferences have been held in Canada, Austria, Japan, the United States of America, Finland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. The 28th Triennial Conference was held in 2004 in Perth, Australia. The 29th will be held in Manchester, England.
  • Between Conferences, regional meetings and special seminars provide opportunities for members to meet internationally.

  • The Association co-organized a seminar on The Education of Women in the 21st Century, together with the Singapore Council of Women's Organization and the Baha'i Office for the Advancement of Women at YWCA. The seminar addressed four themes of Education of Women and the Environment, Education of Women and Peace-Making, Education of Women and Changing Curricula, and Education of Women and the Spiritual and Moral Education of Children. Mr Peter Chen, the Senior Minister of State for Education was the Guest of Honour and the chairperson was Dr Jazmyn Chelliah, Singapore Psychologist and Educationist.
  • Report on the 7th Triennial Conference of University Women of Asia (UWA) held in Manila, 25 - 27 May 2006.

4. Correspondence

5. Education Grant

  • UWAS Study Grants
    A UWAS Study Grants Committee and a separate Fundraising Committee, chaired by Brenda Goh, were formed in year 2003 to focus on the disbursement of scholarships at the tertiary level. UWAS disbursed five scholarships to needy and deserving students in the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University, thanks to the kind donation of S$10,000 by Hon. Life Member Dr. Della Lee.

  • Fund Raising - Piano Recital Performed by Dr Lin Chiu Ling
    6365Pals organized a piano recital performed by Dr Lin Chiu Ling on 3 September 2005. The event was a commendable success with the support of musical enthusiasts, students and friends such as members of UWAS. From the proceeds of the concert, 6365Pals contributed a sum of $1400 to the UWAS Education Fund with the objective of contributing financial support to a musically-inclined and deserving student who demonstrates some commitment in musical activities through her course studies. 6365Pals suggests that this financial net of support could be cast wider to include NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) students. UWAS is very appreciative of this support from 6365Pals.

6. International Hospitality

7. News

8. Projects

UWAS SIA Gifts Distribution Initiative, Linking of hands to serve the needy

Toa Payoh Girls' Home (2005-6)

For full report read here.

Cambodia Projects (2005)

PAVE (Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence) -2005

UWAS worked with PAVE (Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence) to help disadvantaged children by making available to them personal tuition and enrichment courses. In a two-prong approach, this initiative will help to give older girls (tutors) an opportunity to earn money by giving tuition to younger children who will then be on par with their classmates. UWAS would also keep track of the progress of the programme through regular reports.

Vietnam Project (2004)

UWAS initiated an international mentoring project - a series of training seminars on Business Administration for Women Entrepreneurs in Vietnam, funded by the Lee Foundation.

A seminar in Vietnam on "Corporate and Cross Cultural Communications in Modern Business". (June 2004)

Project 2050 (Jan 2000)

The outcome of Project 2050 is the beautiful world book, "Women's Future, World's Future". The project was initiated by past president Liew Geok Heok and co-edited with Dr Elsie Yu. Measured 28 cm x 28 cm, it has more than 200 full-color pages of text and pictures depicting the rich cultures of multi-ethnicity and multi-facets of the global village. The book has a collection of visions of Year 2050 of some 500 women from 90 countries. Net proceeds in the sale of the first 50,000 copies of this book will be donated to UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women). Since the book launch in April 2000, UWAS has received numerous favorable feedback from many countries.

With proceeds from the sale WFWF, UWAS donated S$4292/- to UNIFEM New York. A vote of thanks to Liew Geok Heok (Past President), Dr Elsie Yu and all the committee members involved in this project.

See a presentation here.

Women's Inspirations (Dec 1998)

An extraordinary, high-quality, full-color and classically designed hard-cover book published in Dec 1998 by UWAS led by past president Liew Geok Heok, contains quotable quotes of truth and wisdom contributed by members and about 100 selected women in Singapore and Asean. It was UWAS' hope that the book will provide an opportunity for members to share their thoughts, reflections, feelings, beliefs, prayers, etc. that they learned from experience, exposure, and education.

9. Social and Recreational

Date Activity Remarks
23 Sept 2006 UWAS 10th Anniversary Gala DinnerThe gala dinner was held at The Executives' Club (OCBC) and attended by about 70 members and guests. The guest-of-honour was Dr Catherine Lim. The new UWAS website was launched by the UWAS president Dr Rosemary Khoo. It was a night of celebration, fellowship and entertainment.
17 June 2006 Fellowship dinner to usher in a new exco for 2006-8 The dinner was held at the Plaza Market Cafe at Raffles City.
3 May 2006 Bon Voyage Dinner for Ong Yoke Yin The exco members invited Yoke Yin for dinner at President Rosemary Khoo's home and presented her a farewell gift. Best wishes to her as she and her family migrated to New Zealand.
Feb 11 2006 Chinese New Year "Loh Hei" Dinner Dinner at Singapore Country Club with presentation of projects by Esther Joosa (TPGH) and Dr Khoo Kim Choo (Cambodia Project). Chan Fong Kin shared her travel to the Middle East with Katherine Chua.
Dec 2005 Christmas and New Year Celebration Dinner was held at NUSS Suntec Guild House.
11 October 2005 Members' Night Members' Night was held at the YMCA on 11 October 2005. In the spirit and celebration of Deepavali, the ladies who attended the function were introduced to an Indian dance led by Vijaya. Two guests from PAVE (Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence) highlighted the role of PAVE in assisting family victims of violence. Dr Khoo Kim Choo updated on the Cambodia programme; Dr Rosemary Khoo and Brenda Goh gave an overview of the UWAS history and structure. Finally Esther Joosa informed the meeting that she was embarking on another training programme for the Toa Payoh Girls' Home and requested for volunteers to help conduct the programme. It was a successful night where members mingled and caught up with one another.
30 April 2005 Walkathon organised by SFCCA and SCCCI 23 UWAS and family members participated in the walkathon organised by SFCCA and SCCCI held on in the morning of 30 April 2005. The route along the Marina Promenade was very scenic and pleasant and the participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Thereafter, some members had breakfast and fellowship. A tour was made to the Bank of China with courtesy of Tan Chor Suan, current UWAS auditor, who works in the Bank.

10. Talks

Talks between 2002-2004

Topics Speakers Summary of Talks
The Writer in Singapore: Problems, Perils, Promises Catherine Lim (Singapore Author) Intriguing, and humorous all at one go, the audience was treated to a half-hour Q&A sessions.
Women's Future, World's Future and the Internet Pacific Net, Singapore The talk gave a hands-on experience on the Internet, held at the Regional English Language Centre Auditorium.
Projecting Your Professional ImageDr Tan Seok Buay (Consultant) The audience was given tips on networking in a global context, communication across cultures and the art of winning friends and influencing people.
Women, Memories and Writing Grace Nichols (1983 CW Poetry Prize Winner) Organised in conjunction with AWARE , Grace Nichols spoke to members on how to find poetry in their life veins and on women as writers.
Language and Gender Dr Phyllis Chew (Professor in Linguistics) On the invitation of the NUS Literary Society, this was a stimulating talk on a hitherto not so well known area of Applied Linguistics.
Singapore Family Law - A Benefit or Burden for Women Liew Geok Heok (Singapore Lawyer) A talk on Family Law covering the rights and duties of spouses, divorce and separation, distribution of matrimonial properties, custody, access, maintenance and family violence.
Nurturing a Child's EQ Dr Jazmyn Chelliah (Singapore Psychologist and Educationist) This talk discussed the nature of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and explained why it is very important. The audience was shown what factors were at work when individuals with modest IQs do extremely well and why some individuals with high IQs do not achieve success.
Unleashing Your Creative Potential in Parenting Dr Tan Seok Buay (Consultant) Parents were shared with vital elements of how to unleash parental potential, how to nurture creativity in children, and how to create a conducive home environment for natural learning.
Successful Aging r Kanwaljit Soin (Orthopedic Surgeon and Former Member of Parliament) The talk discussed what every woman wanted to know, graying gracefully.

11. Tours

  • Shakaland Visit - 8 April 2003
  • China Tour - Shanghai/Hangzhou/Nanjing/Wuxi/Suzhou

    Date of travel: 15-22 June 2005
    Tour company: Transinex

    We had total of 9 participants, comprising of 2 members of UWAS, 2 other participants from Singapore, 1 GWI (Former IFUW) member from India and 4 GWI (Former IFUW) members from Argentina. A pre-departure dinner and briefing was hosted for our overseas participants by Brenda, Genevieve, Fong Kin and MinLing at Funan IT Mall Food Court on 14 June 2005 7.30pm. All of us had a great time making acquaintance with our friends from India and Argentina.

    The tour was very well organised and the participants learnt a great deal about the history, culture and current development of China in the Yangze Delta.

    Thanks to Genevieve and the team for the successful China Tour arrangement. For the project they have raised $900 for the project fund.

    Team leader: Genevieve Ng(
    Project Team: Genevieve Ng, Chan Fong Kin, Yip Siew Har and Pauline Tan

12. Workshops

  • Grooming Workshop (12 Nov 2005)
    Serene Low and Tan Chor Suan conducted a Grooming Workshop on Saturday, 12 November 2005 on the invitation of Global Connect Club (GCC), Temasek Polytechnic. The topic covered was "Top to Toe Grooming" which focuses on Hygiene / General Health / Appearance, Hair Care, Nail Care, Wardrobe and Shoes. A total of 217 students attended the workshop in 2 sessions lasting an hour each, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The feedback on the workshop was very encouraging as the rating of the entire event was very good. The participants found the content very useful and relevant. However, according to the feedback, the duration of the workshop was too long and it was indicated that UWAS and GCC should organize more workshops on make up, performance of the Arts / Music, etiquettes for different occasions, exercise / sports and poise and social etiquette.
  • Workshops between 2002-2004
    • "Writing Short Stories" by Dr Catherine Lim
    • "Writing Short Stories - Anyone Can" by Dr Catherine Lim

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Please attend the AGM. We will be discussing various items including the UWAS Programme for 2018— 2020.

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