Call for continuation of IFUW Workshop ideas on Women and Ageing


Dear friends,

Dear participants of my workshop at the 28th IFUW Triennial Conference in Perth,

It is nearly two months now that we gathered in Perth and I guess that we all settled back into our normal lives. To remind you of a highlight of our conference - the Workshop Day - I send you the promised summary of the workshop "Women and Ageing: Preventing the Social Destabilization of Ageing  Societies".

Because opening attachments often proves to be difficult I include the text of the summary into this email. The summary already appeared in the Kookaburra Times, issue 4, during the conference. I corrected only the mistakes which were due to the fact that the newspaper team received a text written by hand from me.

Since some of you asked if the results of the workshop can be published on the IFUW homepage I send this email to Leigh Bradford Ratteree from the IFUW team accordingly. Dear Leigh, please inform me if this cannot be done.


Besides, I give you the email address of Audrey KĘ╣hler-Oostra so that you can ask her for her report "Ageing in the female course of life", about a joint project by the Dutch, American and Canadian NFAs: The United Nations Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing you will find under this link:

If you start a project based on the fourteen aspects of ageing we chose for action in your community please let me know! I like to start a follow-up of our workshop.

I wish you all the best for your future and hope to see you again at the next IFUW Triennial Conference in Manchester - at the latest!

Thank you very much for your contributions!

Warm regards

Heide Stieger
German Federation of University Women
October 2, 2004