Project 2050 in the Making by UWAS Past President Liew Geok Heok, 28 March 1999

To herald the year 2000, UWAS is embarking on PROJECT YEAR 2050 - WOMEN'S FUTURE, WORLD'S FUTURE to garner and publish the visions and perceptions of women of the World in the Year 2050. We are inviting women leaders and ordinary women, from different countries, from all over the world, each to describe in about 150 words in ENGLISH what and how they perceive and conceive the world to be in 50 years' time. We hope they will use their imagination, special expertise and intuitive powers to tell us what they feel, see and hope for the future. 

We believe WOMEN'S FUTURE IS THE WORLD'S FUTURE. Only when we dare dream will our dreams come true. Women often lack the opportunity to be heard or to participate. Now is the time to rise to the occasion to promote international world peace, goodwill and understanding in ONE VOICE.

UWAS will publish a world-class, high-quality, classically BUT FUTURISTICALLY designed hardcover BIG WORLD BOOK with full colour plates and illustrations of these visions. WE HOPE ALL WILL SHARE OUR VERY OWN VISIONS so that all may benefit. We believe this book will be a world's first in many ways. For us at UWAS, it is an honour to offer our time, energy and services for FREE for this ONCE-IN-THE-CENTURY endeavour.

All net proceeds of the sale of the first 50,000 copies of the book will be for the benefit of one or more international children's agencies to be identified, e.g. UNICEF. The non-monetary benefit of this project will be every woman's legacy for future generations of the world to inherit.

Approximately 1000 women from different parts of the world will be featured in this world book. We schedule this book to be published in 1999 to welcome and catch the first sunrise of the year 2000.

Project Year 2050 - Our Timeless Endowment To The Future

We have to date issued more than 2800 letters of invitation to women of more than 230 countries and territories all over the world to participate in P2050. We despatched to our invitees copies of WOMEN'S INSPIRATIONS. This book, our first venture, is now read in more than 230 countries and territories. 

The Exco, the Steering Committee of P2050 and the Editorial Committee are all highly-energised to accomplish this Project in 9 months. I know we will get the job done - on time and well done. I am thankful that UWAS has so many members and friends who are better than me to help me in this Project. Let me share with you some of my present but old thoughts. I hope they will guide us as we climb towards Peak 2050. First we must be clear-sighted about what we are doing. We must have integrity and honesty to the common cause and the common good we want to accomplish in order to share the common wealth. We must also have self-confidence and self-esteem, always appreciating our God-given time and talents. We must respect the human worth of every individual person. Very importantly to maintain our steam and stamina, we must remember to tap on all the pure limitless universal energies around us. Keep our spiritual energy high to help keep our good health. For then - even the sky is not the limit. 

After we climb Peak 2050, my Exco shall pass the baton to the next team in April 2000. It is my instinctive concern and desire that we groom and grow a group of new people who will see it as their natural responsibilities to come forward to take turns graciously to serve. To lead is to serve. Good leadership often times is preceded by good fellowership. For UWAS to move forward, we must create opportunities and we must take risk to try out new ideas, new talents and new people.

For those of us who have the blessing and the fortune to serve UWAS this one year past, I know you will continue to be good guides, mindful mentors and fearless cheerleaders to all, in particular to me, your President. 

Liew Geok Heok
UWAS President