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Home Cases Shanxi 1,200t/d Iron Mineral Processing Plant
Shanxi 1,200t/d Iron Mineral Processing Plant

Shanxi 1,200t/d Iron Mineral Processing Plant

China Shanxi 1200t/d iron ore beneficiation project is a full mining industry chain service (EPC+ M+O) project.

crushing and screening stage

The particle size of the final product of crushed ore is -12mm. The equipment selection is advanced and reliable, and the investment is low; the compact and reasonable common plant configuration for crushing and screening operations is adopted in the design, and the production management is very convenient; the granularity of the crushed products is fine, and the comprehensive cost of crushing and grinding is saved;

Grinding and grading stage

The fineness of the first-stage grinding products is -200 mesh, accounting for 67%, and the fineness of the second-stage grinding products is -325 mesh, accounting for 88.47%. The grinding equipment adopts a bearing-driven energy-saving ball mill, which greatly reduces the grinding cost. The first-stage classification equipment adopts a modified spiral classifier, and the second-stage classification adopts a fine screen to strictly control the classification particle size;

Magnetic separation stage

One roughing, three selected magnetic separation process, the pulp is transported by Xinhai mining wear-resistant slurry pump;

Concentrated tailings conveying stage

The iron ore concentrate is directly transported to the iron concentrate powder storage yard by the belt after being filtered by the permanent magnet filter, and the tailings flow directly to the tailings ditch outside the dressing plant.

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