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The method of turning gold tailings from waste into treasure

180 31.Mar.2023 KZ Editor

1 Gold tailings flotation

The gold content of gold tailings is generally 0.2-0.5g/t. Due to the backward mining and processing technology in the past, part of the gold and silver was lost in the tailings. At the same time, most of the gold mines in my country are associated with copper, lead, zinc, iron, sulfur and other elements. With the advancement of gold processing technology, some valuable elements can also be comprehensively recovered according to the properties of the tailings in the reprocessing of gold tailings. Therefore, gold tailings reprocessing methods have become one of the main trends in gold tailings disposal methods.

Flotation process

01 Adopt pretreatment to realize ultra-fine flotation. That is, the combination of collector, slurry potential and pH control measures.

02 Use concentrated sulfuric acid for strong oxidation and activated carbon adsorption, and use acidic medium for mixing to achieve the comprehensive utilization rate of cyanide tailings lead-zinc mineral resources.

2 gold tailings dry stack

For the gold ore tailings extracted by cyanidation leaching process, filter press can be used to filter the tailings. Due to the filtrate return process, the cyanide ions, alkali and most of the dissolved gold in the filtrate are recovered, thus saving mineral processing water and lime. And the amount of cyanide, reducing the discharge of cyanide wastewater.

3 Production of building materials

Many gold deposits and surrounding rocks are complex in type, while some deposits have scarce metal minerals and relatively pure gangue minerals. Therefore, gold tailings can be directly used as important raw materials for non-metallic or building materials, such as making bricks, preparing glass-ceramic, producing aerated concrete, cement, etc.

4 Tailings filling

Tailings, as a better filling material, can be taken locally, and the waste can be used to avoid production costs such as collection, crushing, and transportation of filling gravel. For high-value gold ore bodies, tailings can improve the mining conditions of ore pillars and reduce dilution losses. Cementing materials are often added to the filler to solidify the loose tailings into a whole with a certain strength.

5 Mine reclamation

Reclamation is also one of the effective gold tailings disposal methods. Certain measures should be taken for gold mine tailings pools. Planting agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry crops with strong vitality can protect the soil, fix dikes, and play a positive role in protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

In the actual application of the concentrator, it is recommended to determine the appropriate gold tailings disposal method and comprehensive utilization method according to the nature and scale of the tailings, the return on investment of the gold tailings, and customize reasonable gold tailings disposal equipment. If you have any questions about gold beneficiation of tailings, welcome to inquire and visit the factory.

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