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Rare earth ore beneficiation method

141 9.Jun.2023 KZ Editor

Rare earth ore can also be called rare earth element ore or metal ore. It mainly exists in the earth's crust in the form of minerals. There are more than 200 kinds of rare earth minerals that have been discovered so far, but there are very few rare earth minerals with utilization value. In order to better Utilize rare earth ore resources, improve the recovery efficiency of rare earth ore, and introduce common rare earth ore beneficiation methods.

1.  Radiation beneficiation method

The radiation beneficiation method is mainly a separation method based on the difference in thorium content in rare earth minerals and other minerals, and effectively separates rare earth ores from gangue minerals. Not widely adopted.

2.  Gravity beneficiation method

Gravity beneficiation method is a sorting method based on the difference in density between rare earth minerals and minerals. This method can effectively separate rare earth minerals from calcite, quartz and other minerals with low density, so as to achieve the purpose of pre-enrichment of rare earth concentrate.


3.  Magnetic separation method

Due to the weak magnetic properties of some rare earth minerals, magnetic separators with different magnetic field strengths can be used to separate them from other minerals. Enrichment.

4.  Flotation method

The flotation method is to separate rare earth minerals from other minerals according to their chemical and physical properties, so as to obtain rare earth concentrates. This method is currently the most common method used in rare earth ore production.


5.  Electric selection method

Since rare earth ores are not good conductors, in this case, we can use electro-separation to separate them from minerals with good conductivity to achieve the separation effect.

6.  Chemical beneficiation method

Since rare earth ions are easily soluble in sodium cyanide solution, we can use this T point of rare earth ore to effectively recover rare earth concentrate by chemical beneficiation.

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