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Potash feldspar mineral processing process

92 12.Apr.2024 KZ Editor

According to the characteristics and components of the ore, the potassium feldspar mineral processing process generally includes the following steps: crushing, washing and desliming, separation, and dehydration.

1. Potassium feldspar crushing operation

The crushing operation of potassium feldspar mainly includes crushing and grinding, which can be divided into two methods: dry method and wet method. Generally, the efficiency of wet grinding is higher than that of dry grinding, and over-grinding is less likely to occur. This step must not only meet the requirements of the impurity removal process, but also meet the product particle size requirements.

2. Potash feldspar washing and desliming operations

The purpose of the ore washing operation is mainly to remove clay, fine mud, mica and other impurities in the potash feldspar, reduce the content of iron oxide in the potassium feldspar, and increase the potassium and sodium content.

The purpose of the desliming operation is to remove the primary slime in the potassium feldspar ore and the secondary slime produced by grinding through desliming buckets, hydrocyclones and other equipment. These slimes will affect subsequent flotation, magnetic separation and other separations. Especially for flotation operations using amine collectors, these sludges will not only reduce the separation effect, but also consume a large amount of collectors.


3. Potassium feldspar selection operation


01. Potash feldspar magnetic separation process

Since the iron minerals, biotite, tourmaline, etc. in potassium feldspar have certain magnetic properties, magnetic separation is an important separation process for feldspar separation. Generally, these minerals have weak magnetism, so strong magnetic separation processes and equipment can be used for separation.


02. Potassium feldspar flotation process

Flotation has a very good effect on improving the quality of potassium feldspar products. It can not only remove iron and titanium minerals in potassium feldspar, but also achieve the separation of feldspar and quartz. For different impurities, the flotation reagents used will also be different.


a. When separating potassium feldspar and mica, the reverse flotation process is often used, which can reduce the loss of feldspar in mica flotation. Generally, reverse flotation can be performed under acidic or alkaline conditions, but most concentrators use amine cationic collectors to perform reverse flotation under acidic conditions.


b. When separating potassium feldspar and quartz, acid flotation, neutral flotation, and alkaline flotation can be used.


03. Potassium feldspar acid leaching process

Acid leaching is also an effective way to remove impurities in potassium feldspar. It often uses sulfuric acid with a higher concentration for a longer period of time at high temperatures to remove iron impurities. It is often suitable for impurities with fine embedded crystal structures in potassium feldspar.



4. Potassium feldspar dehydration operation

After the potassium feldspar concentrate product is obtained through separation treatment, the potash feldspar concentrate is obtained by using a concentrator, filtered and dehydrated to obtain potassium feldspar concentrate powder, which is directly used as a product. The tailings produced during the mineral processing process can be utilized as resources or dry piled through tailings re-selection, tailings dry discharge and other methods.


The above is the potassium feldspar mineral processing process. In actual production practice, it should be noted that the mineral composition, product requirements and other conditions of potassium feldspar have an important impact on the selection of its mineral processing process.

Therefore, before building a mineral processing plant, mineral processing tests should be conducted first, and the process flow and supporting equipment should be selected scientifically and rationally based on the test results to achieve ideal mineral processing benefits.

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