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Which gold ores are suitable for flotation?

142 30.Jul.2022 KZ Editor

Flotation method is a widely used beneficiation method in current gold beneficiation plants, that is, adding various flotation agents during the beneficiation process to adjust the physical and chemical properties of the selected minerals and flotation medium, and expand the gold minerals and gangue. The difference in hydrophobicity between minerals, so as to achieve the separation of gold minerals and gangue minerals.

The method can enrich gold into sulfide mineral concentrate as much as possible, and is beneficial to realize comprehensive recovery of mineral resources.

So, in actual production, which gold ores are suitable for recovery by flotation? What are the common processes?

Gold ore suitable for flotation

In production practice, when the gold-bearing ore has the following characteristics, the flotation method can be considered for sorting:

  • Ore in which gold and sulfide coexist closely;

  • Although most gold does not coexist with sulfides, the ore contains a considerable amount of metal sulfides that have formed stable foams of gold-containing sulfides;

  • The ore does not contain sulfide, but contains a large amount of iron oxide (such as iron cap), at this time, the ochre mud can play the role of stabilizing the foam;

  • The ore does not contain sulfides or iron oxides, but contains minerals that can enter and stabilize the foam (eg sericite);

  • Pure quartz gold ore is pre-mixed with sulfide ore in a certain proportion, or about 3% metal sulfide is added, or an appropriate one is selected to form a stable foam;

  • The main metals (copper, lead, zinc, etc.) in the gold ore have been recovered by flotation, and the tailings need to be treated by cyanidation.

Generally speaking, sulfide gold-bearing quartz vein ore with fine gold particles and good floatability, gold-bearing sulfide ore containing various valuable metals (such as copper, lead and zinc) and graphite-bearing gold-bearing ores are suitable. It is recovered by flotation method.

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