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Lead-zinc ore flotation method | sulfide zinc ore

317 12.Aug.2022 KZ Editor

Lead-zinc sulfide ore mostly contains useful minerals such as lead, zinc, copper, and sulfur, and is in the form of fine-grained dissemination. There are obvious differences in the floatability of these components, so in the process of beneficiation, the flotation method is the main process method, and the more commonly used methods are: direct optimization method and mixed flotation method.

1. Direct optimization of lead-zinc sulfide flotation method

Direct preferential flotation is mostly suitable for coarse-grained disseminated rich ore, which is characterized by more types and high content of symbiotic metal minerals and relatively less gangue. This method is also suitable for beneficiation of dense and massive ores containing a large amount of sulfide ore.

Direct optimization of flotation of lead and zinc sulfide is a process of flotation of minerals individually in a certain order according to the difference in flotability of ore particles that meet the requirements of beneficiation through inhibitors and activators. This flotation method can effectively separate and effectively Minerals and gangue ore, and finally obtain a separate high-quality concentrate. The main flotation sequences are as follows:

(1). Lead oxide - zinc sulfide - zinc oxide

This process is referred to as the process of first lead and then zinc, which is used for flotation of low oxidation rate and high grade sulfide ores. This process takes advantage of the large difference in flotation between oxide ore, lead oxide, lead sulfide and zinc sulfide for flotation. The actual operating conditions are contradictory, the consumption of chemicals is large, and the recovery rate and impurity removal of sulfide ore concentrate are not easy. control.

(2). Zinc sulfide-lead oxide, zinc oxide

This process is referred to as the process of first sulfur and then oxygen, and the lead-zinc ore is flotated sequentially through the flotation sequence of easy first and then difficult. Each operating part of the process can control and adjust the operating conditions and the dosage of chemicals according to the mineral properties, with little mutual interference and less process contradictions. It is suitable for the recovery of sulfide ore under moderate oxidation rate, especially the recovery of zinc sulfide.

2. Mixed flotation method of lead-zinc sulfide ore

Mixed flotation of lead and zinc sulfide is suitable for sorting ores with relatively poor useful components, such as discarded tailings; useful mineral components are densely coexisted or in aggregate form, and mixed flotation process can also be used. Due to the use of a large amount of chemicals on the surface of mineral particles, it is difficult to select high-quality concentrates in this method.

Mixed flotation of lead and zinc sulfide is to use flotation foam to float the mixed useful metal minerals together with the foam. After obtaining the mixed concentrate, lead, zinc and sulfur are respectively selected to obtain a single concentrate. The main flotation sequence is as follows:

Lead Sulfide, Zinc Sulfide Mixed Flotation - Lead, Zinc

The mixed flotation process of lead sulfide west first floats the lead-zinc mixed concentrate, and then separates the mixed lead-zinc concentrate through drug removal to obtain a single flotation concentrate. The mixed flotation process can discard a large amount of gangue minerals through rough grinding, reduce the processing volume of the subsequent operations, effectively reduce the consumption of chemicals, and reduce the energy consumption of the subsequent operations. Aggregate or dense symbiotic lead-zinc ore.

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