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 Y-Ball Valve

Y-Ball Valve

[Introduction]: One valve control two pipes. [Capacity]: ≤0.7MPa [Improvement]: It adopts a spherical valve design, relying on the flow of the slurry to drive the sphere to one of the pipeline outlets and close it.

Product Features

Product Structure

Y-Ball Valve principle

The Y-Ball Valve uses the slurry pressure to complete the opening and closing work between the two valve ports, and close them through mutual coordination.

Outstanding ball valve design of opening and closing, no blocking; creative opening and closing device control the valve by slurry pushing the ball. Y- Ball valve realizes pipeline setting of two pumps with one valve to reduce the investment cost by only buying one valve and saving one pipeline.

Technical Data

Nominal Pressure (MPa)0.7
Diameter Range (mm)DN65-500
Test PressureSeal1.0Test MediumWater
Working Pressure (MPa)≤ 1.0
Working MediumSlurry, Slag, Tailings, etc.

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