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Feldspar processing process guide, feldspar processing plant

229 15.Feb.2023 KZ Editor

According to different sources of feldspar, it can be divided into pegmatite, fine crystal rock, weathered granite, white granite, feldspar sand and other rocks. For these different types of feldspars, there are certain differences in their processing methods and equipment. Let's take a look at the feldspar processing process and equipment.

Feldspar processing process and equipment

1. The processing flow of pegmatite feldspar

The processing process of pegmatite feldspar is generally selective mining or sorting, and dry processing. The ore is continuously crushed and ground by jaw crushers, roll crushers and pebble mills. When there is a lot of iron, strong magnetic separation and electrostatic separation can be used.

The equipment used includes: jaw crusher, roll crusher, pebble mill, magnetic separator, etc.

2. Processing flow of weathered granite-like feldspar

The processing process of weathered granite-like feldspar can be divided into two types. For the mica-lost type, it only needs to be washed and sieved; while for the mica-containing type, it needs to be crushed, ground and classified, and the mica and iron are removed by flotation. minerals and separate feldspar and quartz.

The equipment used includes: hydrocyclone, vibrating screening machine, jaw crusher, ball mill, flotation equipment, etc.


3. Fine crystal rock meeting industrial requirements

Most of these feldspar ores do not contain mica. When the feldspar content is high, only crushing, grinding, screening and magnetic separation are needed to remove iron.

The equipment used includes: jaw crusher, ball mill, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, etc.

4. White granite (semi-weathered granite)

After this kind of feldspar ore is crushed by jaw crusher, cone crusher and ball milled, mica is flotationed with amine collectors, iron minerals are flotationed with sulfonate collectors, and then amines are used to collect The feldspar is flotationed by the collector and separated from the quartz. Feldspar placer can also be sorted by a similar method.

The equipment used includes: jaw crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, flotation machine, etc.

5. Nepheline syenite processing flow and equipment

The processing of nepheline syenite is mainly crushing, sieving or grading and removing iron and titanium impurities. The general processing process is: crushing → screening → grinding → magnetic separation → classification. The specific processing flow depends on the specific ore and associated minerals.

Equipment used: Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Ball Mill, Rod Mill, Vibrating Screen, Magnetic Separator, Air Classifier, etc.

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