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Home Cases Sudan 300t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant
Sudan 300t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Sudan 300t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

The raw ore of this gold mine project undertaken by Xinhai Mining is the processed gold tailings, Au grade is 4.7g/t, the particle size is relatively fine, and no crushing is required, so the beneficiation process designed for it is: pre-screening-first stage Closed-circuit grinding and classification - concentration - cyanide leaching - desorption electrolysis - smelting - tailings pressure filter dehydration process flow.

pre-screening stage

The original tailings contain rags, wood, beverage bottles and other sundries, which cannot enter the production process. The material is sent to the double-layer circular vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and the debris and large pieces of ore are screened out.

Grinding and grading stage

The material is fed into the overflow ball mill for one-stage grinding, the ball mill discharges the ore to the cyclone group for one-stage classification, the cyclone sand is returned to the ball mill for re-grinding, and the overflow self-flow removes debris and sieves to remove impurities and then self-flow to the concentration system;

concentration stage

After the pulp overflowing from the cyclone is removed by the debris removal screen, the pulp under the screen flows to the thickener for concentration, and the underflow concentration of the thickener is concentrated to 40%;

selection stage

Cyanide leaching: The pulp is pumped into the double impeller high-efficiency leaching tank for leaching and carbon adsorption, and the Roots fan is used to fill the leaching tank with air, and NaCN is added at the same time to fully mix and react the pulp, chemicals and air.

Desorption electrolysis: Gold in ore reacts with NaCN in an alkaline environment to form gold cyanide complex ions, gold enters the solution and is adsorbed by activated carbon. During production, reverse carbon extraction, saturated gold-loaded carbon is extracted from No. 2 leaching tank, fed into the carbon extraction screen, and the sifted pulp is returned to No. 2 leaching tank, and the gold-loaded carbon on the screen is hydraulically transported to the carbon storage tank for carbon washing. . The clean saturated gold-loaded carbon is then sent to the desorption electrolysis system for gold extraction.

Smelting: The electrolyzed gold mud is smelted in a high-frequency gold melting furnace to obtain the final alloyed gold.

Tailings pressure filter dehydration: cyanide tailings are sent to a box filter press for filter pressure dehydration, the dry tailings after pressure filter (water content 20-25%) are transported to the outside of the factory building, and are loaded into vehicles by forklifts and transported to the tailings Mine stockpiles. The filter press filtrate flows to the sewage treatment tank for clarification, and then is sent to the return tank for recycling.

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