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Tanzania 600t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Tanzania 600t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

In the original gravity separation plant, because the gold embedded in the ore itself has a very fine particle size (single gold ≤ 30%, and the particle size of most gold is less than 13 μm), it is difficult to recover by a single gravity separation process, and the economic benefit is poor. In order to find an efficient and reasonable process, the mining company of this project finally commissioned Xinhai Mining to build and renovate it.

crushing and screening stage

In line with the principle of more crushing and less grinding, a two-stage and one closed-circuit crushing process is adopted, and the final particle size is less than or equal to 15mm;

Grinding and grading stage

The two-stage fully closed-circuit grinding process is adopted, and the grinding fineness of -200 mesh accounts for 90%. The two-stage grinding adopts slurry pump and cyclone classification instead of traditional spiral classifier classification, which has high working efficiency, low power consumption per ton of ore and low investment. Among them, most of the water used for grinding and classification is circulating water, and gold can be partially leached in advance in the process of grinding and classification;

Sorting/Smelting Stage

Cyanide leaching carbon adsorption: First, the high-efficiency reformed thickener is used to concentrate the grinding and classified ore pulp to 40%, and then the raw ore full-slime cyanide carbon leaching process is used to effectively recover the gold and silver in the ore, and greatly improve the leaching process. Rate;

Desorption electrolysis: high temperature and medium pressure cyanide-free desorption electrolysis process is adopted, which has the advantages of high efficiency, rapidity, low consumption and non-toxicity (NaCN);

Smelting: The high-frequency furnace is used to smelt the ingots to obtain alloy gold ingots.

Tailings filter press stage

After cyanide leaching carbon adsorption, the NaCN-containing tailings are subjected to pressure filtration and dehydration, and the filtrate is returned to the system for recycling (regular treatment), without being discharged to the outside, and the filter cakes are stacked in the tailings pond.

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