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Home Cases Shandong 1,000t/d Gold Mineral Flotation Plant
Shandong 1,000t/d Gold Mineral Flotation Plant

Shandong 1,000t/d Gold Mineral Flotation Plant

The deposit is characterized by stable standard minerals with repeated mineralization stages. The sulfur content is very low and it is a low sulfide ore. The metal minerals in the ore are: silver-gold ore, gold ore, sphalerite, and galena. , Hematite, etc. Gangue minerals are: quartz, sericite, feldspar, calcite, chlorite, zircon, apatite, etc. The main disadvantage of the deposit is that there is a faulted mud layer, and the distribution of the faulted mud layer is mainly distributed along the main fracture surface, with a thickness of 5-20cm, and the rock is composed of gray-black and gray-white mud.

crushing and grading stage

A section of open-circuit crushing process is adopted, and the particle size of the crushed final product is less than or equal to 160mm;

Grinding and grading stage

One stage of open-circuit self-grinding and one stage of closed-circuit grinding and grading are adopted, and the grinding fineness of -200 mesh accounts for 55%. In order to increase the content of fine particles, an appropriate amount of steel balls are added in the production process, and the autogenous mill is in a semi-autogenous grinding state; the classification adopts a hydrocyclone, which has high classification efficiency, simple structure, reliable operation, and small footprint;

flotation stage

The XCF-KYF combined unit is adopted, the configuration is simple and reasonable, and the power consumption is reduced; the self-aspirating SF type flotation machine is selected, and the flotation effect is good;

Concentrate dehydration stage

The gold concentrate is pumped to the concentrate dewatering system of the original dressing plant, and the tailings are transported to the original tailings pond and underground filling.

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