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Tanzania 150t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Tanzania 150t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Tanzania 150t/d gold beneficiation project, its mining area is mainly gold-bearing quartz vein gold ore body. In order to obtain high-grade gold, Xinhai signed a mining industry chain service with Xinhai. During the implementation of the project, Xinhai Mining took comprehensive planning, rational layout, environmental protection and safe production as important principles, strictly controlled the construction period, and provided customers with high-quality services.

Crushing, screening, grinding and grading stage

Crushing and screening: The raw ore is transported by car, and the crushing process is a two-stage one-closed-circuit process;

Grinding and grading: The crushed qualified products buffered by the powder ore bin enter the second-stage closed-circuit grinding and grading system;

selection stage

Gravity separation: A jigging gravity separation system is added between the discharge of the ball mill and the closed-circuit classification in the first stage, in which jigging is used for roughing and shaking table is used for selection;

Gold extraction by cyanidation: The overflow of the second-stage classification cyclone is concentrated and then enters the cyanide leaching system for leaching. Adopt eight-stage leaching adsorption, reverse carbon extraction process;

Desorption electrolysis, smelting stage

The gold-loaded carbon saturated with adsorption in the leaching system is sent to the high temperature and high pressure desorption electrolysis system for gold extraction treatment. The gold mud obtained by electrolysis has a high gold content. After removing impurities, it is directly sent to the high-frequency gold melting furnace for smelting, and the final product is alloyed gold;

tailings dry discharge stage

The tailings after cyanidation in the dressing plant are filtered and dehydrated with a filter press. The moisture content of the dehydrated tailings is about 20-25%. It is transported to the tailings yard near the dressing plant for storage by belt, and the filtrate of the filter press returns. Production recycling, to achieve zero discharge of production sewage.

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