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What are the specific processes of quartz sand flotation?

201 6.May.2023 KZ Editor

Quartz sand flotation is a common beneficiation process, which is mainly used to extract useful components in quartz sand. The equipment and specific process required for general quartz sand flotation are introduced below.

First of all, a crusher is needed to break the quartz sand into particles smaller than 2 mm for subsequent filtration. Secondly, the sand can be separated from the recyclate with a shaking machine, and the recyclate can be reused. Next, filtration can be performed with a cylinder filter to separate particles smaller than 2 mm from the recyclate. Finally, the filtered quartz sand can be separated from the recyclate with a filter press to obtain concentrate and tailings.

In specific operations, different equipment and processes need to be selected according to the properties and particle size requirements of the minerals. For minerals with useful components, it is usually necessary to use a variety of equipment for fine flotation. For example, microbubble generators can be used to facilitate the flotation of minerals, while vibrating rods can be used to increase the sedimentation velocity of minerals.

In addition, when carrying out flotation operations, some details need to be paid attention to. For example, it is necessary to control the water quality and the dosage of reagents to ensure the flotation effect; it is necessary to select the appropriate reagents according to the characteristics of different minerals; it is necessary to clean the equipment regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

In short, quartz sand flotation requires a variety of equipment and processes, and attention needs to be paid to details during operation. Through reasonable selection of equipment and processes, efficient extraction of useful components in quartz sand can be achieved.

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