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4 steps for beneficiation of wolframite ore

34 29.Mar.2024 KZ Editor

Wolframite ore has the characteristics of low raw ore grade, complex mineral composition, and difficulty in sorting. The main mineral processing process of wolframite ore based on wolframite ore consists of four parts: (1) crushing and discarding waste rock in advance to obtain qualified ore ( 2) Gravity separation and discarded tailings to obtain coarse concentrate (3) Selective separation and comprehensive recovery of coarse concentrate to obtain concentrate (4) Fine mud treatment.

The pre-enrichment process can improve the quality of raw ore and discard waste rock that is much lower than the grade of gravity separation tailings.

Black tungsten plants often use manual hand selection, photoelectric beneficiation, heavy media beneficiation and other methods to pre-enrich wolframite ore. 

Due to the high density of wolframite, gravity separation can be used to process it. The gravity selection method has the advantages of low cost and environmental protection. The principle process of tungsten ore gravity separation is generally: one-stage or two-stage grinding, three-stage jig separation, four-stage or five-stage shaking table separation, and centralized processing of fine mud to obtain coarse concentrate. The coarse and medium-sized jig tailings enter the rod mill for re-grinding, and then enter the vibrating screen for screening, forming a closed loop. The dressing plant generally uses a two-stage shaking table for separation, and the coarse and medium-grained ore obtained is returned to the circulation loop, and the slime is processed separately.


Due to its brittleness and high density, tungsten ore will stay in the mine longer than other gangue minerals, so it is prone to over-crushing. The primary sludge and secondary sludge produced during the mineral processing process contain many valuable elements, so it is necessary to comprehensively recover the useful components. Since the composition of fine mud is relatively complex, combined beneficiation processes are often used, such as: desulfurization-centrifuge-tungsten flotation-magnetic separation, magnetic separation-gravity separation-flotation, centrifuge-flotation, etc.

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