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Home News Molybdenum oxide ore purification method? magnetic flotation to resolve

Molybdenum oxide ore purification method? magnetic flotation to resolve

150 29.Jun.2023 KZ Editor

Molybdenum sulfide is the main molybdenum ore in my country, and its reserves account for about 99% of the total reserves of molybdenum ore. Molybdenum sulfide is widely used as an easy-to-select ore due to its natural buoyancy. However, with the continuous development of resources, molybdenum sulfide ores represented by molybdenite have gradually decreased, and the utilization of molybdenum oxide ores (molybdenum, iron molybdenum, molybdenum calcium ore and molybdenum dioxide, etc.) has gradually attracted attention.


Molybdenum oxide minerals are often associated with molybdenum sulfide minerals, so molybdenite tailings after flotation often contain a large amount of unused molybdenum oxide, and its natural hydrophilicity, low hydrophobicity, and mostly fine-grained dissemination, are refractory ores . In order to solve the above problems, we adopt the method of combining magnetic separation + flotation for beneficiation.

1) Feed the flotation tailings of sulfide ore into a strong magnetic separator for magnetic separation to select gangue minerals with strong magnetic properties, so that molybdenum oxide can be effectively initially enriched in the non-magnetic pulp;

2) After the non-magnetic pulp is classified by the spiral classifier, it is sent to the flotation machine, and the collector, foaming agent and pH regulator are added for flotation, and finally the molybdenum concentrate is obtained.

In addition to the above-mentioned beneficiation methods for molybdenum oxide, for mixed molybdenum ores with a molybdenum oxide ratio of 10-30%, in actual production, the easily separated molybdenite is usually separated by flotation, and then the remaining molybdenum oxide is separated by the above method. Mineral dressing.

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