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How to increase the value of gold mine tailings?

153 26.Sep.2023 KZ Editor

Many gold ore dressing plants will produce gold ore tailings and other substances during the mineral processing process. Direct disposal of these gold ore tailings will cause a waste of resources and reduce investment returns. However, the gold ore content in the tailings is small, and for many For mine owners, it is difficult to extract the gold ore contained in it, so how can the value of gold mine tailings be increased? This article will introduce you to several tailings treatment methods.

Methods to increase the value of gold mine tailings

1. Gold mine tailings dry discharge process

Dry tailings discharge is a common method for dealing with tailings. This method is usually used to reduce the safety hazards of tailings ponds and the pressure of sewage treatment. Because there are several different beneficiation processes in the gold ore beneficiation process, for gold tailings extracted from all mud cyanide, a filter press tailings filtration process can be used, which saves the amount of water, lime and cyanide. , Reduce the discharge of cyanide-containing sewage.

2. Gold mine tailings re-selection process

Tailings are usually pretreated, and collectors and flotation reagents are used to control the sharply falling potential and pH value to achieve fine flotation; concentrated sulfuric acid oxidation and activated carbon adsorption can also be used to pretreat the slurry, and the slurry can be pretreated in acidic media. Mixed flotation is used to extract gold from tailings.

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