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How to choose gold mine beneficiation equipment?

28 10.Nov.2023 KZ Editor

Different types of gold ore require different choices of gold ore beneficiation equipment. We at Xinhai Mining will judge the composition of the gold ore through observation or beneficiation tests based on the gold ore provided by the customer, and then determine the beneficiation process based on the test.

At present, the mainstream gold processing is generally crushed by crushing equipment, and then the crushed gold ore is crushed by the mineral processing equipment, and then processed by classifiers, mixing barrels, spiral chutes, flotation machines and other equipment, and extracted through gravity separation and flotation. Concentrates and tailings. Seed is made and refined gold is extracted.

1. Crushing and grinding

Most gold ore concentrators will use coarse crushing, medium crushing or fine crushing using cone crushers. Most ore concentrators adopt a two-stage, one-closed-circuit crushing process, and large gold concentrators adopt a three-stage, one-closed-circuit crushing process.

2. Reselection process

The main equipment for gold separation in the gravity separation process is the jig. The jig process is to mix mineral particles with different specific gravity and stratify them according to specific gravity in the vertically moving variable-speed medium flow. Minerals with small specific gravity are located in the upper layer, and minerals with large specific gravity are located in the upper layer. The minerals are located in the lower layer, and the stratified materials are discharged separately using the action of machinery and water flow.

Gravity separation is widely used in rock gold mines. It is mostly used as an auxiliary process to recover coarse-grained gold in the grinding circuit, creating favorable conditions for flotation and cyanidation processes, improving mineral processing indicators, increasing the total recovery rate of gold, and contributing to increasing output. and played a positive role in reducing costs.

3. Flotation process

Flotation gold separation is a common method for gold separation in most mineral processing plants. There are usually two processes: preferential flotation and mixed flotation. The gold separation equipment used is gold mine, and Xinhai Mining will select the appropriate flotation machine based on the actual conditions of the customer's mineral processing plant. Common flotation machines include SF type. KYF type. After extracting gold through cyanide method, finally obtain finished gold.

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