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Maximizing Lithium Recovery from Spodumene Ore

104 7.Feb.2023 KZ Editor

Lithium is a highly sought after metal due to its use in batteries for electric vehicles and other electronics. Spodumene is a mineral that contains high concentrations of lithium and is therefore a potential source for lithium production. However, extracting lithium from spodumene requires a processing method to concentrate the lithium and remove impurities. The following is an explanation of the recovery process for lithium from spodumene:

Crushing and Milling:

The first step in the process is to crush the spodumene ore into smaller pieces and mill it into a fine powder. This is done to increase the surface area of the mineral and make it easier to extract the lithium.


The next step is to concentrate the lithium in the spodumene. This is typically done by flotation, a process that uses chemicals to separate the lithium-containing minerals from the other minerals in the ore. The flotation process produces a concentrate that contains a high concentration of lithium.


The concentrate produced in the concentration step still contains impurities, such as aluminum and iron, that need to be removed. This is done through a process called roasting, where the concentrate is heated to high temperatures in the presence of air. This causes the impurities to oxidize and become volatile, allowing them to be removed from the concentrate.


After roasting, the concentrate is leached with a strong acid, such as sulfuric acid, to dissolve the lithium and produce a lithium sulfate solution. The solution is then purified and the lithium is precipitated out of the solution as a solid.

Conversion to Lithium Carbonate: 

The final step in the process is to convert the lithium sulfate to lithium carbonate, the form in which lithium is typically sold. This is done through a process of reaction with carbon dioxide and evaporation.


In conclusion, the recovery of lithium from spodumene requires a series of processing steps to concentrate the lithium and remove impurities. This process involves crushing and milling, concentration, roasting, leaching, and conversion to lithium carbonate. By understanding these steps, it is possible to optimize the lithium recovery process and maximize the value of the lithium produced.

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