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Equipment required for tungsten ore gravity separation

107 8.Apr.2024 KZ Editor

Tungsten is one of the important metal minerals. Due to the high density of tungsten minerals, gravity separation is an important separation method for wolframite and scheelite minerals, and is widely used in tungsten ore dressing plants. The main gravity separation equipment includes jigs, shakers, spiral chutes, etc.

The jig is one of the important equipment for gravity separation of wolframite ore. Three-level jig sorting is a common tungsten ore jig sorting process, which divides all tungsten ores into three particle sizes: coarse, medium and fine. Among them, the upper limit of coarse-grained jig sorting particle size is 13mm, generally 8mm- 10mm, the particle size range of medium-grained jig sorting is 1.5-5.mm, and the tailings of coarse-grained and medium-grained jig sorted are reground and then separated. The particle size of fine-grained jig sorting is below 2mm. The fine-grained jig sorting tailings are hydraulically classified and then put into a shaking table for sorting. 

There are various types of jigs used in tungsten ore gravity separation, including downward-moving cone jigs, upward-moving moving screen diaphragm jigs, side-moving diaphragm jigs, etc. Among them, upward-moving moving screen diaphragms The jig is more suitable for sorting tungsten minerals with coarse particle size 4.5-10mm and medium particle size 1.5-4.5mm. The side-moving diaphragm jig is more suitable for processing tungsten minerals with particle size 0.074mm-0.5mm.


The shaking table plays an important role in tungsten ore beneficiation. It has a high enrichment ratio. High-grade concentrate and tailings can be obtained through one shaker separation, and minerals with different densities are zoned on the bed surface. Obviously, they can be accessed at the same time. However, due to problems such as large floor space and low processing capacity, shaking tables are often used as beneficiation equipment in large tungsten concentrators, and can be used as coarse and concentrator equipment in small tungsten concentrators.


Shakers commonly used for gravity separation of tungsten ores include 6-s shakers, cloud-tin shakers, spring shakers, etc. The 6-S shaker has a better effect in processing -2+0.2mm coarse-grained tungsten ore. For fine-grained tungsten ore with a particle size less than 0.2mm, the use of cloud-tin shaking table is better.


The spiral chute has a relatively simple structure, a large processing capacity per unit area, and does not require power. It is often used in the gravity separation stage of black and white mixed tungsten ore in tungsten ore beneficiation. The spiral chute has both a sorting function and a graded desliming function. It can be selected under a wide particle size level and simplify the re-selection process.

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