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Titanium ore beneficiation equipment process flow

141 6.Feb.2024 KZ Editor

Titanium is a rare metal. The minerals used to smelt titanium mainly include ilmenite, rutile and perovskite. Although titanium ore has the advantages of stable quality and no radioactive elements, it has low grade and high impurity content. As a kind of It is an important and important structural metal with a wide range of uses. For its processing, the titanium-containing mineral that is often processed is ilmenite. This mineral is gray to black and has a bit of metallic luster. The crystals are generally plate-shaped, and the crystals are gathered together. Block or granular, the titanium selection equipment and process flow are introduced below.

The titanium ore beneficiation equipment supplied by Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment mainly includes feeders, crushers, ball mills, inclined plate concentration and classification boxes, spiral chutes, weak magnetic separators, strong magnetic separators, stirring tanks, flotation machines, electric Separator, etc. Among them, the weak magnetic separator is used to remove strong magnetic minerals from titanium minerals, and the strong magnetic separator is used to select titanium ore.

Titanium ore beneficiation equipment process flow

1. Carry out slag separation treatment on raw ore;

2. Classify the raw ore after slag separation to obtain coarse-grained materials and fine-grained materials, and then conduct a stage of iron removal on the coarse-grained materials and the fine-grained materials respectively to obtain coarse-grained iron-removed tailings and fine-grained iron-removed tailings. Iron tailings and sub-iron concentrates;

3. Perform a stage of strong magnetic separation on the coarse-grained iron-removed tailings to obtain strong magnetic concentrate and tailings, and perform spiral gravity separation on the strong magnetic concentrate to obtain gravity separation concentrate and tailings.

4. Send the gravity separation concentrate to the grinding process, and the fine-grained iron-removal tailings undergo one stage of strong magnetic separation and two stages of strong magnetic separation in sequence. The finally obtained strong magnetic concentrate is the same as the gravity separation concentrate after grinding. Mix and grade;

5. Return the classified unqualified mixed concentrate to the grinding step for re-grinding, and the qualified mixed concentrate undergoes second-stage iron removal to obtain second-stage iron removal tailings and sub-iron concentrate;

6. The second-stage iron removal tailings are subjected to three-stage strong magnetic separation, and the obtained strong magnetic concentrate is flotated to obtain the final titanium concentrate.

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