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Application of golden carbon slurry method

135 8.Mar.2024 KZ Editor

The gold carbon slurry method is widely used and is commonly used to extract gold from the following three types of gold mines:

1. Recovery of gold from low-grade gold-bearing ores

The main characteristic of gold mines in the world at present is low grade. The price of gold in the international market continues to rise. In order to make full use of resources, widely recover gold in waste residues or tailings, reduce costs, and improve the economic benefits of minerals, it is feasible to use the CIP method to treat low-grade gold-bearing ores. For example, a gold processing plant in Canada uses the CIP method to recover gold from low-grade ores, which can save 20-30% of investment compared with the traditional cyanidation method.

2. Recovery of by-product gold from polymetallic mines

Many non-ferrous metals are associated with gold, and are generally recovered by methods such as flotation, gravity separation, mercury amalgamation, and cyanidation, but satisfactory results cannot be obtained. Since the adoption of the CIP gold extraction method, the gold recovery rate has been greatly improved. For example, a Russian copper-lead-zinc dressing plant recovered gold (gold containing 0.15 mg/L) from lead flotation tailings, increasing the gold recovery rate by 3%.

3. Recover gold from ore slime

A British gold processing plant uses the CIP method to extract gold and silver directly from the ore slime, and has achieved good results. After four-stage reflux adsorption of the slurry, the gold grade dropped from 11.92 g/ton to 0.015 g/ton, the activated carbon adsorption rate was 99.2%, and the gold recovery rate was 90-94%. It can be compared with the zinc powder substitution method and can save infrastructure costs. 25%, production cost 6%.

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