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Home News Gold Mine Cyanidation Equipment: Key Tools and Their Functions Introduction

Gold Mine Cyanidation Equipment: Key Tools and Their Functions Introduction

33 7.Jun.2024 KZ Editor

Gold Mine Cyanidation Equipment: Key Tools and Their Functions


Cyanidation is a widely used method for extracting gold from ore. This process, also known as cyanide leaching, involves treating the ore with a cyanide solution to dissolve the gold and then recovering it from the solution. The effectiveness of cyanidation depends heavily on the equipment used. This article explores the key pieces of equipment used in the cyanidation process, detailing their functions and roles in the overall gold extraction process.

1. Crushing and Grinding Equipment

Jaw Crushers and Cone Crushers

Function: These are used to crush large chunks of ore into smaller pieces, making them easier to handle and process.

Role in Cyanidation: Crushing is the first step in the cyanidation process. Properly crushed ore increases the surface area for the cyanide solution to act on, enhancing gold recovery.

Ball Mills and SAG Mills

Function: These machines grind the ore into fine particles.

Role in Cyanidation: Fine grinding is crucial because it ensures that the gold particles are liberated from the surrounding rock, making it easier for the cyanide solution to dissolve the gold.

2. Leaching Equipment

Agitation Tanks

Function: These tanks are used to mix the ground ore with a cyanide solution and keep the mixture agitated.

Role in Cyanidation: Agitation helps ensure that the cyanide solution comes into contact with as much gold as possible, promoting efficient gold dissolution.

Leaching Tanks

Function: These are large tanks where the cyanide solution and ore mixture is allowed to react.

Role in Cyanidation: Leaching tanks provide the necessary time and space for the gold to dissolve into the cyanide solution. The design of these tanks ensures proper mixing and oxygenation, which are essential for the leaching process.

3. Carbon Adsorption Equipment

Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) Tanks

Function: In CIP tanks, activated carbon is added to the leached slurry to adsorb dissolved gold from the solution.

Role in Cyanidation: The activated carbon attracts and binds with the gold-cyanide complex, allowing for the gold to be separated from the rest of the slurry.

Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) Tanks

Function: Similar to CIP, but the carbon is added during the leaching stage.

Role in Cyanidation: This method allows for simultaneous leaching and adsorption of gold, which can improve recovery rates and reduce processing time.

4. Gold Recovery Equipment

Electrowinning Cells

Function: These cells use an electric current to recover gold from the gold-laden carbon.

Role in Cyanidation: Electrowinning cells are crucial for efficiently extracting gold from the cyanide solution after it has been adsorbed onto activated carbon.

Elution Columns

Function: These columns are used to strip gold from the activated carbon using a hot, caustic solution.

Role in Cyanidation: Elution columns help in regenerating the activated carbon, making it reusable for further adsorption cycles.

Smelting Furnaces

Function: These furnaces melt the gold precipitate to produce pure gold bullion.

Role in Cyanidation: Smelting is the final step in the cyanidation process, where the recovered gold is purified and cast into bars or other forms for sale or further processing.

5. Filtration and Thickening Equipment


Function: Thickeners concentrate the slurry by removing excess water, creating a denser mixture.

Role in Cyanidation: By thickening the slurry, the volume of material that needs to be processed in downstream equipment is reduced, improving efficiency.

Filter Presses

Function: These presses filter out solid particles from the slurry, leaving behind a clear liquid.

Role in Cyanidation: Filter presses are used to separate the gold-bearing solution from the waste solids, facilitating further processing and recovery of gold.

6. Tailings Management Equipment

Cyanide Detoxification Units

Function: These units detoxify the cyanide-laden tailings to make them safe for disposal.

Role in Cyanidation: Detoxification is crucial for environmental protection, ensuring that cyanide does not harm surrounding ecosystems.

Tailings Ponds

Function: These ponds store the processed tailings after detoxification.

Role in Cyanidation: Proper tailings management is essential to prevent environmental contamination and manage waste material effectively.


The cyanidation process for gold extraction involves a series of complex steps, each requiring specific equipment to ensure efficient and effective recovery. From crushing and grinding to leaching, carbon adsorption, and gold recovery, each piece of equipment plays a vital role in the overall process. Proper selection, maintenance, and operation of this equipment are crucial for optimizing gold recovery rates and ensuring environmental compliance. By understanding the function and role of each piece of equipment, mining operations can improve their efficiency and maximize the value extracted from gold ore.


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