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 Flocculants System

Flocculants System

[Introduction]: A stable and continuous flocculants powder feeding device in preparation of flocculants solution [Capacity]: ≤20A [Improvement]: Patent products, equipped with a speed regulating motor with the adjustable feeding volume.

Product Features

Product Structure

Flocculants System principle

Flocculant automatic dosing device is dosing equipment mainly based on the metering pump. Other equipment, like dissolve chest, stirrer, level gauge, safety valve, check valve, pressure gauge, filter, buffer, pipeline, valve, base, Escalators, automatic monitoring systems, power control systems and so on, need to be assembled on a common platform according to the process and form a module. That is the so-called skid-mounted modular unit.

Technical Data

Agitation Power
Feed Power
Vibrator Power
Pump power

Flow    Meter (L/h)

Flocculants Addition


0.4 ~4

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