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Spring Cone Crusher

Spring Cone Crusher

[Introduction]: A medium and fine crushing equipment. The spring is the insurance device that can also influence crushing force. [Capacity]: 12~1000t/h [Improvement]: The mining crusher incorporate the accumulator into the fixed cone hydraulic locking system. The operation is more stable. The moving cone is supported suspension by the spherical bearing. A water seal dustproof device is applied to maintain a long-lasting seal.

Product Features

Product Structure

spring cone crusher principle

The working principle of the spring cone crusher is driven by a motor, and the linkage of gears makes the driveshaft and transmission gear drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate. The moving cone of the spring cone crusher makes a rotary motion under the action of the eccentric sleeve. The moving cone and fixed cone close or dissociate with each other, thus continuously impacting and crushing the material.

The structure of spring cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, fixed cone, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl shaft frame and transmission.

Technical Data

TypeModelDiameter of Crushing Cone (mm)Inlet Dimension (mm)Max. Feed Size (mm)Adjustment Range of Outlet (mm)Motor Power
StandardPYB-600/75600756512 ~253040
PYB-900/13590013511015 ~505550 ~90
PYB-1200/170120017014520 ~50110110~168
PYB-1750/250175025021525 ~60155280~480
PYB-2100/350210035030030 ~60280/210500~800
Middle-sizedPYZ-900/7090070608~205520 ~65
PYZ-1750/215175021518010 ~30155175~320
Short HeadPYD-600/4060040353~133012 ~23
PYD-900/5090050405515 ~50
PYD-1200/60120060503~1511018 ~105

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