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Belt Feeder

Belt Feeder

[Introduction]: A belt feeder with heave pressure bearing [Capacity]: 10~450t/h [Improvement]: Adopt the speed regulating motor, adjusting the feeding volume by changing belt speed

Product Features

Product Structure

Belt Feeder principle

The materials through the feeding hopper flow to the belt surface of the belt feeder. With the rotation of AC speed regulating motor, the belt moves forward slowly, and the materials on the surface via the head wheel flow into the next process so as to realize the continuous feeding.

Technical Data

ModelBelt    Width (mm)Center Distance of Head and Tail Wheel or Drum    Wheel (mm)Diameter of Head and Tail Wheel (mm)Feed Capacity (t/h)Feed    Size (mm)Motor ModelMotor
500X1000500100021910~1000~50YCT112- 4B0.75266
500X1300130010~1000~50YCT160 -4A2.2345
500X2800280010~1000~50YCT160- 4A2.2670
500 X3000300010~1000~50YCT160 -4A2.2697
500 X4000400010~1000~50YCT160- 4A2.2736
650X1500650150010~1000~50YCT160- 4A2.2610
650X2600650260010~1000~50YCT160- 4A2.2636
650X4000650400010~1000~50YCT160- 4A2.2893
800 X2000800200015~1500~80YCT160- 4A2.2721
800 X3000800300015~1500~80YCT200- 4B7.5857.3
800 X4000800400015~1500~80YCT200- 4B7.51012
800X4500800450040015~1500~80YCT160- 4A2.21200
1000X200010002000200~4500~80YCT160- 4B31549
1000X25002500200~4500 ~100YCT160- 4B32105
1000 X60006000200~4500 ~100YCT225- 4A115214

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