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 Air Lifter

Air Lifter

[Introduction]: A slurry transporting equipment by compressed air [Capacity]: 3-5m [Improvement]: No moving part

Product Features

Product Structure

Air Lifter principle

Pressure air is inflated into air lifter, which reduces the air density of ore pulp pipe and causes the pressure difference between pipe and tank. By the action of pressure, ore pulps in tank are lifted by air lifter.

Technical Data

ModelCarbon adsorption pipe specificationAir pipe specificationApplication range
KT60Φ50×2.5DN20SJ2.0×2.5, SJ2.5×2.5, SJ2.5×3.15, SJ3×3.15, SJ3×3.5, SJ3.15×3.55
KT100Φ108×4DN25SJ3.55×4, SJ4×4.5, SJ4.5×5, SJ5×5.6,SJ5.5×6, SJ7.5×8, SJ8×8.5
KT125Φ133×4DN32SJ8.5×9, SJ9×9.5, SJ10.5×11

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