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[Introduction]: A jigging machine realizes the separation of light and heavy mineral by the different sedimentation speed in vertical alternating water flow [Capacity]: 1~25t/h [Improvement]: The cone slide valve is adopted; the failure rate is reduced by 80%; low energy consumption;the separation of different material, improvement of the processing capacity by more than 35%.

Product Features

Product Structure

Jig principleDiaphragm Jig is divided into two kinds of models including left-hand machine and right-hand jig cover. With the fixed sieve, the jig is suitable for metal ore classification such as placer contained tungsten and gold, tin concentration ore. This jig can be used not only for classification of fine-grained materials but also for that of raw materials with the largest size of 6-8 mm, but in the individual case of placer classification, the largest size is up to 12 mm.

Technical Data

Item & Parameters & ModelJigging    ChamberDiaphragmFeed
Adding Water Yield Under Screen (m3/t)Water
Jig Frequency (time/min)
JT-0.57Trapezoid0.578.5 ~12    10 ~17 12 ~2180~180<61~2≥ 0.051.5    ~31.51550X780X1530610
JT1-1Trapezoid1.04<102~32.5    ~52.22270X1110X1890900
JT3-1Trapezoid312 ~3050~125<103~6≥    0.057.5    ~155.52745X2000X30303085
JT4-2Rectangle425 ~57<254~88~207.54240X1990X27503098
JT4-2ARectangle425 ~57<254~88~204X24240X1990X27503500
JT5-2Trapezoid4.8612 ~30<103~612 ~257.53600X2000X26004500

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