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Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

[Introduction]: Raymond Mill has a strong performance of becoming a complete set with a production system independently. [Capacity]: 3-22T/h [Improvement]: All important parts of raymond mill are made of high-quality steels, and all wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The whole machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation.

Product Features

Product Structure

Raymond Mill principle

Large bulk materials crushed by the jaw crusher to the needed size are fed into the storage hopper by a mine hoist and then fed into a grinding chamber of main engine uniformly, quantitatively and continuously by a electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding. Grinded materials are blown into separator by blower for classification. With the function of impellers in the separator, materials without meeting the requirements of the fineness are fallen into a grinding chamber for grinding again; materials meeting the requirements of the fineness are blown into a cyclone powder collector with airflow through pipelines for separation and collection. The powder from a discharging device is the finished product. Separated airflow is back to blower through return duct on the top of the cyclone powder collector.

Technical Data

ModelMax. Feed Size (mm)Finished Product Size (mm)Production Capacity (t/d)Rotating Speed of Main Motor (r/min)Main Motor Power (kw)Milling Ring Diameter (mm)Milling Ring Height (mm)Milling Roller Diameter (mm)Milling Roller Height (mm)Milling Roller Qty.Overall Dimension(m)
(Length × Width × Height)
MTM75<150.613-0.0331-316018.5Inner Diameter 78015026015034.3×3.5×5.1
MTM85<200.613-0.0331.2-4.615022Inner Diameter 83014027014035.3×4.1×5.2
MTM100<250.613-0.0332.1-5.613037Inner Diameter 95017031017047.1×5.9×7.9
MTM130<300.613-0.0333-9.510375Inner Diameter 128021041021057.85×8×9.7
MTM160<351.6-0.0455-2282132Inner Diameter 1600270440270612.55×5.7×8.3

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