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Home Cases Indonesia 100t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant
Indonesia 100t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

Indonesia 100t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

The Indonesian gold mine leaching plant is a project undertaken by Xinhai Mining. Gold is the only recoverable element in the ore of this project, with a grade of 2.6g/t. In the early stage, the project client expressed great interest after contacting Xinhai and learning about Xinhai's service model. Afterwards, the client of this project came to visit Xinhai Mining, further understood the technical strength of Xinhai Mining, and strengthened the customer's intention to choose Xinhai Mining. After multiple comparisons and considerations, the two parties successfully reached a cooperation.

crushing and washing stage

The ore is washed with a cylindrical screen, and the large pieces on the screen are crushed by a hammer crusher.

selection stage

Pool immersion-adsorption stage: the amount of precious liquid is about 40m³/h, which is transported to 3 adsorption columns through chemical pumps.

Middle liquid and lean liquid adsorption stage: After adsorption, the middle liquid enters the middle liquid tank, circulates through the chemical pump, and the fully adsorbed lean liquid enters the lean liquid tank regularly, and then discharges after removing cyanide ions.

Desorption electrolysis stage: The gold-loaded carbon is processed by an analytical electrolysis system.

Activated carbon pickling and regeneration stage: The activated carbon pickling and regeneration system is used, and its processing capacity is matched with desorption and electrolysis.

Smelting stage

Processed by smelting

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