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Fluorite Flotation Production Line

Fluorite Flotation Production Line

Process methods of fluorite ore are gravity separation and flotation. Mineral processing equipment includes gravity separation equipment and flotation equipment; Gravity separation equipment: jig, only jig can deal with the coarse fluorite ore. Fluorite <a href="/product/gravity">flotation equipment</a> is similar with other mineral flotation equipment including crusher, ball mill, flotation machine etc..

Solution Introduction

Separation of Fluorite and Sulfide Ore

The sulfide ore contained in fluorite is floated with xanthate collector, and then fatty acid collectors float fluorite. In flotation of fluorite, it can be also feasible to add a small amount of sulfide mineral to inhibit residual sulfide mineral, and ensures the quality of fluorite concentrate.

Mixed flotation of fluorite and barite flotation, and then separate them. In mixed flotation, obtain mixed concentrate with oleic acid as collector. Mixed concentrate separation can use positive or reverse flotation to obtain fluorite concentrate.

Separation of Fluorite and Quartz

The fatty acid collects fluorite, and sodium silicate restrains quartz. The dosage of sodium silicate should be controlled properly; a small amount has activation to the fluorite, but inhibition function is not enough; excessive inhibits fluorite. Sometimes in order to increase the inhibitory effect of sodium silicate on quartz, some multivalent metal ions will be add.

Solution Appliion

Fluorite flotation process is applied for refractory fluorite with complicated properties such as high mud content, impurity containing, fine particle distribution, etc..

Solution Cases

A fluorite dressing plant in Hebei-the fluorite is with low ore grade, high oxidation, fine granularity distribution and small hardness; the original production process was concentrate regrinding and seven times cleaning, with concentrate grade of 88% and recovery rate of 75.56%. The poor dressing indexes seriously affected the production indexes and economic benefit of enterprise. Therefore, it commissioned Xinhai to reform technology. After fluorite beneficiation tests, Xinhai improved the flotation process and the inhibitors. Indexes comparison are as following: 

Comparison of ReformationProcessFluorite Concentrate Grade
Recovery Rate of Fluorite Concentrate 
Before ReformationOnce roughing, crude concentrate regrinding, six times cleaning88.5275.56
After ReformationScavenging bubble into the coarse concentrate, improving the reagents system and increasing the flotation tank93.5588.95

After the reformation, the fluorite flotation indexes have been improved obviously, increasing the economic income of 3200000 yuan/year and the profit of 1500000 yuan/year.

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