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Bauxite flotation tailings treatment plan

133 23.Feb.2024 KZ Editor

As an important mineral resource in the world, bauxite is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other fields. In the process of bauxite mining and processing, the treatment of flotation tailings has become an urgent problem to be solved. Tailings treatment is not only related to the rational utilization of resources, but also closely related to environmental protection. This article will focus on the treatment of bauxite flotation tailings, aiming to achieve the dual goals of maximizing resource utilization and environmental protection.

1. Characteristics and current situation of bauxite flotation tailings

Bauxite flotation tailings refer to the waste produced during the bauxite flotation process, which contains a certain amount of useful components such as alumina, iron oxide, and silica, as well as high moisture and impurities. The accumulation of these tailings not only takes up a lot of land, but may also cause environmental pollution. At present, the main ways to deal with tailings include storage, landfill and reuse. However, these methods have certain problems, such as occupying land, polluting the environment, and low resource utilization.

2. Technical route for bauxite flotation tailings treatment

In order to achieve the goals of maximizing resource utilization and environmental protection, bauxite flotation tailings treatment needs to adopt a scientific and reasonable technical route. The following are some possible tailings treatment technologies:

Re-separation technology: By flotation or magnetic separation of the tailings again, useful components can be extracted to improve resource utilization. This requires in-depth research on the properties of tailings and the development of appropriate beneficiation processes.

Comprehensive utilization technology: Extract alumina, iron oxide and other components from the tailings and use them to produce ceramics, cement, glass and other building materials products. This not only enables effective utilization of resources, but also reduces production costs and promotes industrial development.

Tailings brick making technology: Utilize the alumina, silica and other components in the tailings and add an appropriate amount of binder to make tailings bricks. This kind of tailings brick has the characteristics of high strength and good durability, and can be widely used in the construction field.

Tailings backfill technology: Backfilling the processed tailings into the goaf or subsidence area can not only solve the tailings stacking problem, but also restore the use value of the land. However, this method needs to ensure the stability and safety of the tailings after treatment.

3. Environmental protection measures for bauxite flotation tailings treatment

In the process of tailings treatment, environmental protection is an indispensable part. Here are some recommended environmental protection measures:

Strictly control tailings discharge: Establish a complete tailings discharge supervision system to ensure that the water quality and solid waste after tailings treatment meet environmental standards.

Strengthen tailings stockpile management: Reasonably plan the tailings stockpile site, and adopt anti-seepage, anti-leakage, anti-dust and other measures to reduce the impact of tailings on the environment.

Promote clean production technology: In the process of tailings treatment, use clean production technology to reduce the generation and discharge of waste water, waste gas, and waste residue.

Raise environmental awareness: Strengthen environmental publicity and education, raise enterprises and the public's awareness of the importance of tailings treatment, and create a good atmosphere in which the whole society pays attention to tailings treatment.

In short, bauxite flotation tailings treatment is a systematic project that requires comprehensive consideration of resource utilization, environmental protection and economic benefits. By adopting scientific and reasonable technical routes and environmental protection measures, we can maximize the utilization of tailings and minimize pollution, and contribute to the sustainable development of the bauxite industry.

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