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Recovery of lead and zinc from gold tailings

281 31.May.2022 KZ Editor

The gold ore in the vast majority of gold deposits is accompanied by a large amount of silver, copper, lead, zinc, sulfur and other metal and non-metal elements. A large part of gold, silver and other valuable elements are lost in the tailings. In recent years, with the rapid rise in the price of metal minerals at home and abroad, my country's tailings reprocessing technology has been greatly developed. Many Both large and extra-large mines have explored and developed tailings reprocessing technology, which not only improves the recovery rate and utilization rate of resources, but also brings huge economic benefits to the enterprise, and also enables many tailings to be properly recovered. processing.


The recovery of lead, zinc and other elements from gold tailings is different from the recovery of traditional sulfide lead-zinc ore. The main reasons are: 1. The lead-zinc ore in the gold concentrate has undergone fine grinding and long-term leaching in the cyanide leaching of gold ore Inflation and stirring for a long time, serious overgrinding occurs, and a "colloid-like" dispersion system appears, which causes difficulties in flotation; 2. A large amount of argillaceous minerals and residual cyanide form a layer of hydrophilicity on the surface of the minerals Because the collector loses its selectivity for collecting various minerals, it also hinders the adsorption of the collector and the surface of the mineral particles, which increases the difficulty of the flotation process. The flotation of ultra-fine tailings can be realized by using pretreatment, adopting a combination of collectors, controlling the pH value of the pulp and a series of measures, using the strong oxidation of concentrated sulfuric acid and the adsorption of activated carbon, to the gold tailings. Doing pretreatment and then adopting mixed flotation process in acidic medium is also a method to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of lead-zinc ore in cyanide tailings.

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