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How to process spodumene ore?

210 3.Mar.2023 KZ Editor

As a green energy mineral, the most common type of lithium ore is pyroe. This blog will analyze the processing technology and equipment of the pyroxyl around the pyroxyl.

Splendin is the source of high -quality ore to extract lithium. Lithium, as a new energy metal in the 21st century, was pushed to a new peak, driving the mining and processing of pyroe.

In addition, the pyroci has excellent thermal stability and is an important raw material for micro -crystal glass and melting glaze. As a lithium chemical material, it is widely used in industries such as lithium chemicals, glass, ceramics, and enjoys the reputation of "industrial monosodian".

How to process the ore?

According to the mineral characteristics of the podium podium, the processing steps of the podium podium are: crushing sieve, grinding grading, flotal magnetic selection, concentrated drying, tailings treatment.

01 | Salian Pyrant Crushing Operations

According to the principle of "more fragmented and less grinding", the processing of the pylori adopts three sections of closed -circuit crushing process. The crushing particle size is controlled below 15mm.

02 | Salian Pyrant Plague Operations

After the screening, the qualified pylori minerals enter the grinding grading process. The granularity of the pyroci ore was grinded to less than 0.15 mm to obtain a better flotation effect

Note: The mines are easy to weather, the mud is severely grinded, and it contains other mud substances. Clane content affects the mineral selection indicators. Before flotation, hydraulic rotor is usually used for mud.

03 | Separate operation

Pulse Minerals include long stones, quartz, white cloud mother, green mud stone, horn flashes and so on. Floating-magnetic selection method is the main application method of phenotyle ore, which adopts the process of primary and secondary mining.

04 | Salian Pyrant Drying Operations

After the separation of the spots of pyroci, it contains a lot of water, and it must be dried through the drying system.

05 | Tail Mine Processing Operations

Splendin podium is mainly accompanied by long stone, and the long stone content is high. In order to improve the recovery rate of concentrates, the separated tailings can be selected. Long stone concentrate is often used to obtain magnetic selection methods.

However, it contains impurities such as Yunmu tablets, so high -frequency vibration screens can be installed in front of the strong magnetic selection machine. It can not only improve the effect of the iron removal, but also prevent the blocking of the magnetic selection machine.

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