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Home News How to do gold mine re-election? Detailed steps

How to do gold mine re-election? Detailed steps

166 1.Aug.2023 KZ Editor

As a common mineral processing technology, gravity separation is widely used in mineral processing plants because of its advantages of low cost, easy operation and environmental friendliness.

For gold ore beneficiation, gravity separation technology can also be used to enrich gold ore. This article will share with you the specific beneficiation steps.

Step 1. Raw ore crushing and grinding. The equipment required for this step includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, wet ball mill, etc. In this step, the raw gold ore will be ground to 200 mesh.

Step 2. The outlet of the ball mill is directly connected to the inlet of the jig machine, and the materials obtained after grinding are directly transported into the sawtooth wave jig machine, and the task of gold ore screening is completed in the jig machine, with a gold grade of 1 g/ The raw ore is divided into standard concentrate I and non-standard tailings I.

Step 3, the outlet of the sawtooth wave jig is directly connected with the inlet of the magnetic separator, and the qualified ore concentrate I enters the permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, and magnetic separation is carried out under the condition that the magnetic field strength is 170Ka/m. After magnetic separation Obtain iron ore coarse concentrate and tailings II.

Step 4: Transport the coarse iron ore concentrate obtained after magnetic separation into the shaker, and obtain qualified iron ore concentrate after classification.

Step 5. Combine tailings I and tailings II and send them to the spiral classifier. The overflow port of the spiral classifier is connected to the inlet of the hydrocyclone. After being separated by the spiral classifier, the tailings enter the hydrocyclone for secondary classification After the classification is completed, it enters the flotation machine for flotation. After one roughing, two sweeping, and three times of beneficiation, qualified gold concentrate is obtained.

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