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Home News How to increase the value of lepidolite? Come in and take a look

How to increase the value of lepidolite? Come in and take a look

85 11.Sep.2023 KZ Editor

Lepidolite ores are mostly of the fine-grained type, and lepidolite is mainly symbiotically embedded with gangue minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Since lepidolite is a silicate mineral, the ore mainly takes on a flake or scale-like structure after monomer dissociation. Coarse-grained lepidolite is generally enriched by hand selection, air separation or friction separation, and fine-grained lepidolite is enriched by flotation. The recycling method is more effective.

Flotation is the main beneficiation method for lepidolite. The selection of suitable flotation reagents has become one of the important factors in improving the development and utilization of lepidolite resources.

In-depth research on the mechanism of action of lepidolite collector. Exploring the adsorption mode and combination mechanism of lepidolite by collectors, improving the flotation environment, improving the selectivity of amine collectors and the synergy between combined collectors will help improve the use of conventional collectors in lepidolite concentrators. Applications.

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