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What does a gold leaching test involve?

185 28.Jul.2023 KZ Editor

Cyanide leaching is one of the main methods for extracting gold from gold ore. For the treatment of gold-bearing ores by cyanide leaching, the recovery rate of cyanide leaching mainly depends on the effect of leaching operations.

In the case of maintaining the overall cost of the dressing plant and improving the technical and economic benefits of the dressing plant, how to adopt a reasonable leaching process and equipment, and how to choose a reasonable leaching condition, these need to be determined by gold leaching tests. The test items selected for gold leaching test are roughly the same as the factors affecting gold leaching.

01 Grinding fineness test

The dissociation of gold monomers or the exposed gold surface is a necessary condition for cyanide leaching, and the grinding fineness is the key factor affecting the dissociation of mineral monomers. In order to ensure a high index for cyanidation, it is necessary to study the influence of the particle size of the selected material on cyanide leaching, so as to determine the appropriate particle size (grinding fineness) according to the properties of the material.

The dissociation of minerals in ore is the key problem to be solved before any beneficiation method. Only when the selected material can dissociate all or most of the monomers can a high recovery rate be guaranteed and the loss in the tailings be reduced as much as possible.

02 Leach time test

The leaching time is one of the important factors affecting gold leaching. During the leaching process of gold, the leaching rate of gold gradually increases with the prolongation of time, but due to the gradual increase in the thickness of the saturated solution layer on the gold surface, the leaching rate is continuously decreasing, and the leaching rate gradually tends to a constant value.

It is very important to determine the appropriate leaching time during the cyanidation leaching process: if the leaching time is short, the gold minerals cannot be fully dissolved and leached; if the leaching time is too long, not only need to configure a larger process equipment and site, but also lead to other impurities in the pulp It also continues to dissolve, thereby hindering the dissolution of gold. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the appropriate leaching time through leaching tests, improve leaching work efficiency, and reduce costs.

03 Pulp concentration test

The size of the slurry concentration will directly affect the gold leaching speed and leaching rate. The higher the concentration, the higher the pulp viscosity and poor fluidity, the lower the gold leaching speed and the gold leaching rate; while the lower the pulp concentration is, the better the pulp fluidity is and the higher the gold leaching rate is, but the amount of medicament will become Doubling, equipment size and investment costs will also increase relatively. Therefore, in order to balance the leaching rate of gold and the production cost, an appropriate leach slurry concentration is required.

04 Test of gold leaching agent dosage

In the cyanidation process, the amount of cyanide agent used is proportional to the gold leaching rate within a certain range, but when the amount of cyanide agent is too high, the cost increases, but the gold leaching rate does not change much. At the same time, the addition method of cyanide also has a certain influence on the gold leaching rate and leaching speed.


Therefore, on the basis of the grinding fineness test, in order to further reduce the amount of cyanide agent and the cost of production chemicals, and to determine the addition method of cyanide agent, it is necessary to conduct experiments on the amount and addition method of cyanide agent.

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