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How to choose lithium ore ball mill?

129 14.Sep.2023 KZ Editor

The grinding and grading stage of lithium ore is to ensure that lithium minerals and gangue minerals are fully free. Therefore, the extraction of lithium ore is inseparable from the grinding of ore, and the commonly used equipment for grinding lithium ore is a ball mill. The first-level closed-circuit grinding and classification process can be used. The first-level grinding equipment can use wet grid ball mills, rod mills, etc., and the wet overflow ball mill can be used for secondary grinding. Grinding equipment at this stage.

Grid type ball mill

The advantage of the grid ball mill is that it can discharge the ore quickly, which can reduce the over-crushing of the ore and at the same time increase the output per unit volume.

1. Large discharge mine mouth design, with stronger lithium ore processing capacity, up to 160t/h;

2. Equipped with automatic control system PLC to reduce labor costs, real-time transmission of equipment operating status, troubleshooting in the first time, and product performance reaching the international advanced level;

3. Dynamic and static pressure bearings, stable and reliable operation;

4. Oil mist lubrication device ensures reliable lubrication of large and small gears;

Grid-type ball mill is mainly responsible for grinding coarser minerals in the mineral processing plant, and is mostly used in one-stage grinding operations. Due to its special discharge plate design, the ball mill discharges large particles and reduces the grinding phenomenon.

According to the characteristics of lithium ore, a suitable grid ball mill lining plate can be customized to ensure the wear resistance of the equipment and extend the service life of the ball mill.

Overflow ball mill

The difference between this ball mill and the grid-type ball mill is that there is no grid plate design in the mining area. When discharging ore, it mainly relies on the continuous feeding of ore slurry to replace the grinding slurry, so that it gradually moves to the ore discharge section. When the slurry exceeds the overflow weir, the slurry is discharged.

Overflow ball mill is mainly suitable for grinding finer minerals in lithium ore dressing plants, and is mostly used in the second stage or concentrate grinding operations.

How to choose lithium ore ball mill

1. Select according to the properties of grinding mineral materials

The properties of lithium mineral materials have a great influence on the production capacity of lithium ore grinding equipment. The same type of mineral processing ball mill, but the processing capacity of the mineral processing plant will be different.

2. Select according to product fineness

Generally speaking, grid-type ball mills are suitable for coarse grinding, and overflow-type ball mills are suitable for fine grinding.

When it is necessary to grind into uniform coarse-grained products of about 0.208~0.295mm (48~65 mesh), a grid-type ball mill is better;

When grinding to fine products of 0.074~0.104mm (150~200 mesh), an overflow ball mill should be used;

When two stages of grinding are required, the first stage adopts the grid type and the second stage adopts the overflow type;

When the coarse concentrate needs to be regrinded, an overflow ball mill should be used.

3. Selection based on the processing capacity of the mineral processing plant

The amount of ore processed by a lithium ore concentrator per hour determines the equipment selection of the entire concentrator. The most important thing is to combine other relevant factors to determine the appropriate model

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