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4 kinds of barite ore beneficiation methods

27 22.Mar.2024 KZ Editor

1. Residual barite mineral processing

Residual barite ores are generally separated by gravity separation, that is, after washing, crushing, and screening, the barite concentrate is selected by jigging, shaking tables, or chutes.

The raw ore crushing stage generally uses two stages of crushing. After one stage of crushing, qualified materials are sent to the second stage of crushing, and the second stage crusher is sent to the screening machine for classification. Because this link contains a lot of water, the sludge needs to be dehydrated first and then sent to The jig performs step-by-step jigging and re-selection to obtain barite concentrate and tailings, and then dehydrates the barite concentrate and tailings respectively. After dehydration, the tailings are sent to the tailings reservoir, and the concentrate is used in industry. application.

2. Sedimentary barite mineral processing

This type of barite also needs to be gravity-selected in the early stage. However, for this type of mineral, gravity-selection often cannot meet the user's requirements, so flotation is needed for further separation. Especially when barite is symbiotic with sulfide minerals such as galena, sphalerite, and pyrite, as well as fluorite, calcite, etc., flotation can be used for effective separation.

Coarse crushing of raw ore - medium crushing - fine crushing - screening - dehydration - jigging - tailings precipitation - grinding - classification - fine flotation - rough flotation - fine flotation - tailings dehydration, and finally barite is obtained Concentrate.

3. Hydrothermal barite beneficiation

According to the characteristics of the ore, hydrothermal barite is mainly selected by flotation. The gangue minerals are suppressed by adding inhibitors, and then under weakly alkaline conditions, collectors are added to obtain barite after multiple flotations. Concentrate. The process flow is as follows:

Raw ore crushing - screening - grinding - classification - flotation - concentration - tailings flotation to obtain other gangue minerals.

4. Conventional barite beneficiation

This type of mineral is mainly composed of barite, with relatively few other gangue minerals. Therefore, the process flow is relatively simple. Generally, the barite concentrate can be obtained through one wash, two stages of crushing, and one stage of jigging.

The raw ore is stored in the ore silo, and is fed into the jaw crusher by the plate feeder for coarse crushing. The crushed product is sent to the vibrating screen by a belt conveyor for screening, and the material on the screen is transported by another belt conveyor to the circular vibrating screen for screening. Finely crushed, qualified products enter the screening stage together with the first-stage crushing. After screening, the products enter the jig for sorting to obtain barite.

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