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Dry Magnetic Separator

Dry Magnetic Separator

[Introduction]: A Xinhai self-developed patent product - Dry [Capacity]: ≤150t/h [Improvement]: This patent product is newly developed by Xinhai, and patent application is No.: 201410328639.2. Compared to conventional cylinder and dry magnetic separator,the magnetic wrapping angle of this patented product is 360°. The magnetic systems all adopt Nd-Fe-B magnetics with high magnetic energy product and high coercivity, strong magnetic density and high affect depth. The demagnetization rate of the magnetic density within 8 years is no more than 5%.

Product Features

Product Structure

Dry Magnetic Separator principle

The separator working principle: In the separation area of the separation cylinder, the centrifugal force and gravitation of magnetic minerals mingled with non-magnetic minerals are much less than the magnetic force. With the adsorption of the magnetic force and the joint action of the magnetic turn and agitation of magnetic minerals, the mag­netic minerals will move to the inter layer gradually. When the magnetic minerals rotate to the ore unloading area with the separation cylinder, as the rotation magnetic system is eccentric, the magnetic density of the ore unloading area for the separation cylinder is extremely weak, and most of the magnetic minerals can fall off automatically. A small quantity of magnetic minerals not falling off will be adsorbed to the external surface of the ore unloading cylinder with higher magnetic density when rotating to the position nearby the ore unloading cylinder so as to realize the automatic unloading of magnetic minerals.

Technical Data

Model & Spec.CTXG-0606CTXG-0812CTXG-0818
Diameter of Cylinder (mm)600800800
Length of Cylinder (mm)60012001800
Surface Magnetic Density (mt)300~500300~500300~500
Feed Size (mm)-30-30-30
Feed Moisture Content< 5%< 5%< 5%
Capacity (t/h)< 35< 100< 150
Motor Power (kW)5.5X211X211X2
Total Weight (t)
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm)2700X1700X19003400X2000X21004200X2000X2100

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