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Several methods of beneficiation of tungsten ore

24 6.Mar.2023 KZ Editor

Although there are many reserves of white tungsten ore, there are fewer ores, low grades, and difficult to choose ore, so the mining volume only accounts for about 10%of the output of tungsten ore. Although black tungsten ore reserves are less than white tungsten ore, there are more rich mines, and it is easy to minimize and screen. Therefore, the total mining volume accounts for more than 90%of the output of tungsten ore. There are mainly the following types of mining methods:

Re -election: In a certain medium or medium flow (mainly water), the method of selecting ore according to the density of mineral density. The advantage of this method is that the equipment structure is simple, convenient to operate, and low production costs. Common re -selection processes include re -agency selection, jumping selection, shaking bed selection, section selection, centrifugal selection, etc.

Floating: It is the most widely used in the method of mineral selection. It is a method that is separated from ore according to the different physical chemical properties of mineral particles on the surface of the mineral particles. Film and fine -grained materials, and it is difficult to recover the fine ore grains with less than 10 μm with other mineral methods, suitable for flotal methods. U.S. United Carbide Company developed the use of "lime method" to floted white tungsten ore, and the flocculent flocculation flotation has also been used by some factories in the flotation of white tungsten ore.


Magnetic selection: It is a way to remove magnetic metal impurities in oil to remove magnetic metal impurities. The application of magnetic selection is the process of selecting the magnetic differences of various ore or materials, and the selection process is performed under the action of magnetic and other force.

Tao washing method: A method that is separated according to the density of minerals. Place sand -samples in the sand plate that is strong, repeatedly oscillate, stir and washed, and leave the minerals on the bottom of the plate, and the light minerals are drifted with the water to separate the severity minerals.

The mineral selection of Black Tungsten Mine is mainly re-selected, with a recovery rate of 92-93%. In some cases, flotation and magnetic selection will be used. The procquare of white tungsten ore is based on ore immersion, combined with re -selection and flotation, or a single floating method, or a washing method. Half of the wastestone, and then procurement, the recovery rate of white tungsten ore reached 90-96%.

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