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What are the uses of high-purity quartz sand?

151 24.Aug.2023 KZ Editor


What is high purity quartz sand?

The main substance of quartz sand is silicon dioxide (SiO2), while high-purity quartz sand has a silicon dioxide content higher than 99.9%, and it is in the form of white powder with no color difference and low impurity content.

The main application of high purity quartz sand

Quartz glass is an industrial technical glass made by melting a single component of silicon dioxide. It has high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, excellent chemical stability, and excellent electrical insulation. With the advancement of science and technology, high-purity quartz is widely used in high-tech industries such as optical fiber communication, solar photovoltaic, aerospace, electronics and semiconductors.

1. High-purity quartz sand is used for optical fiber communication

Optical fiber is a tool for optical transmission. Optical transmission is carried out through both ends of the fiber. It is widely used in the optical fiber communication industry. Optical fiber communication has high anti-interference, fast speed, and large transmission capacity. It has become an important pillar of modern communication. Plastic optical fiber and silica optical fiber are the two main types of optical fiber. Compared with plastic optical fiber, silica optical fiber was developed earlier, the technology is mature, and its excellent performance characteristics are widely used.

In the optical fiber industry, artificial silica is the main raw material for waveguides. Fiber optic technology is widely used in industries such as marine, medical and military. Among them, the sensor is an important application of the optical fiber. The cladding, coating, and core are the components of the optical fiber. When the coating is different, the optical fiber will change accordingly according to the external environment, which expands the application range of the optical fiber. For example, fiber optic temperature sensors can be fabricated by coating an optical fiber with a lead metal layer, and sensors for detecting hydrogen gas can be fabricated by coating an optical fiber with a palladium metal layer.

2. High-purity quartz sand is used in the semiconductor industry

A semiconductor is a material between a conductor and an insulator at room temperature. Semiconductor components are widely used in communication, 3C, computer and other fields. The processing of ultra-clean studio wafers and quartz crucibles are the applications of high-purity quartz products in the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor industry requires the use of high-purity quartz sand.

Quartz crucible is used to grow single crystal silicon. The fused quartz has high thermal stability and purity, and is the raw material of quartz products used in the semiconductor industry. Usually in the rapid heat treatment process of the wafer, in order to effectively prevent the secondary pollution of the wafer, the purity of the quartz is required to be high.

3. High-purity quartz sand is used in photovoltaic industry

Quartz is one of the key raw materials in the photovoltaic industry, and its main applications include quartz crucibles, quartz tubes and various quartz equipment. Both monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon in the photovoltaic industry are high-purity substances, which requires the matching quartz materials to be high-purity. It is generally required that the silica content of photovoltaic quartz sand should be greater than or equal to 99.99%, and the total content of impurity elements should be less than or equal to 25ug/g.

4. High-purity quartz sand is used in the optical industry

Optical glass has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. It is widely used in the fields of light transmission, light storage and optoelectronic display. It can be used to manufacture glass materials such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, etc. of microscopic optical instruments or mechanical systems.

High-purity quartz sand plays a key role as the main raw material in the glass batch, accounting for 60%-80% of the glass batch. The quality of glass batch materials is not only related to the quality of optical glass products, but also affects the service life of glass melting furnaces. The use environment of optical glass products has high requirements on impurity content, refractive index, light transmittance, microscopic defects, etc. , all these factors have strict requirements on the quality of the main raw material, quartz sand. High-purity quartz sand is an excellent raw material for high-precision and high-resolution optical glass.

The above is the application range of high-purity quartz sand. In order to obtain high-purity quartz sand, it needs to be purified through technology to achieve the purity that can be used in industry. Xinhai Mining has more than 20 years of experience in the purification of quartz sand and silica sand With rich experience, we can not only provide quartz sand beneficiation and purification process plan, but also provide complete sets of quartz sand purification equipment

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