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Four beneficiation methods of phosphate rock

252 5.Sep.2022 KZ Editor

Phosphorus is an important mineral raw material. More than 80% of the world's phosphate rock is used to produce phosphate fertilizers, and it can also be used to produce pure phosphorus.

The vast majority of phosphate rock needs to be processed in order to be utilized. Commonly used beneficiation methods for phosphate rock include flotation, gravity separation, scrubbing and desilting, and chemical beneficiation.

1.Phosphate rock flotation method

The flotation method is a very common method in phosphate ore beneficiation. The phosphate rock in my country is generally of low grade, and the phosphate minerals and gangue minerals are closely symbiotic, and the embedded particle size is relatively fine. The flotation method can obtain better flotation indicators. The commonly used flotation processes include direct flotation, reverse flotation, double reverse flotation, etc.


2 .Gravity separation of phosphate rock

The gravity separation process of phosphate rock is mainly a heavy medium beneficiation method, which utilizes the different densities of phosphate minerals and impurity minerals, and selects a medium whose density is between the two, so that one mineral floats in the medium and the other sinks. , to achieve the purpose of separation, the gravity separation method has high separation efficiency and low environmental pollution, and can be used as a pre-selection operation to remove most of the gangue to improve the indicators of subsequent sorting operations.


3. Phosphate rock scrubbing and desilting method

Phosphate ore scrubbing and desilting method is simple in process and is a physical beneficiation, mainly for weathered phosphate ore. The ore is scrubbed or stripped in water to remove the surface mud and enrich phosphorus minerals, but the enrichment of the scrubbing method is relatively low.


4 .Chemical beneficiation method of phosphate rock

The chemical beneficiation method of phosphate rock is to remove the gangue minerals, mainly carbonate minerals, in the ore by means of the leaching solution of the agent, but the cost of this method is relatively high. optional.

In addition to the above four methods, the phosphate ore beneficiation process includes roasting method, photoelectric sorting method, etc., but at present, flotation method is a more effective phosphate ore beneficiation method.

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