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Tin ore selection equipment

145 9.Nov.2023 KZ Editor

Tin ore resources are rich and have high economic value. For tin ore processing plants, choosing a reasonable set of tin ore beneficiation equipment and designing scientific technological processes play an important role in promoting the growth of the enterprise's economic benefits.

Tin ore beneficiation equipment and process design methods are as follows:

Method 1: Tin ore generally uses the gravity separation method, because tin is heavier and is similar to the selection of gold sand. The proportions of tin and waste rock vary greatly, and re-selection can achieve better results, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, with less investment and less cost. This is a good way to choose placer tin ore.

Method 2: With the continuous refinement of mining fineness, flotation method appeared. Since the ore contains magnetite and hematite, flotation cannot separate cassiterite well, so there are flotation and magnetic separation operations. At present, most beneficiation methods for tin ores include multiple beneficiation methods. Use magnets and flotation to remove other impurities.

Tin ore beneficiation equipment consists of jaw crusher, ball mill, jumping machine, 6s shaker, flotation machine, dryer and other main equipment, and is equipped with spiral classifier, mixing barrel, concentrator and other equipment.

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a special crusher designed based on the properties of tin ore. The goal is excellent, not only high energy efficiency and high quantity, good effect, energy saving, small size, simple operation and reliable quality. It is an ideal tin ore crushing equipment with a high market share in the industry.


2.Ball mill

Ball mill is used to grind broken tin ore. Using advanced materials and excellent technical design, it has the characteristics of large production capacity, fewer failures, low cost, easy operation, less energy saving, and less pollution. At the same time, the ground solder paste has good quality, controllable particle size and good effect, providing high-quality raw materials for the emergence stage.


3. Flotation machine

The flotation machine is the key equipment of the entire tin ore production line. Using European innovative technology, combined with the company's many years of experience, it has unparalleled structural and performance characteristics, with a market share of more than 75%, that is, it is green and environmentally friendly. Flotation has high precision, high quality, low energy consumption, low investment and high profits.


4. Dryer

The dryer dries, dehydrates and flotates tin concentrate and also plays an irreplaceable role in the production line. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, easy operation, high environmental protection efficiency, stable quality, etc., and the overall effect is quite good.

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