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Manganese iron ore beneficiation method

220 6.Sep.2022 KZ Editor

Manganese ore is an oxide of ferromanganese minerals, mainly composed of manganese and iron elements, and is one of the raw materials for iron making. Obvious homogeneity phenomenon, monomer dissociation is more difficult. Common manganese ore beneficiation methods include gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, chemical beneficiation, roasting and pyro-enrichment.

1. reselection

The gangue minerals of manganite are mainly silicon-containing substances. Compared with iron-manganese oxides, the specific gravity difference between the two is large, so the gangue minerals can be removed by gravity separation. The coarse-grained ferromanganese ore can achieve better separation index by gravity separation, the desiliconization effect is good, and some iron impurities can be removed, which can effectively improve the grade of manganese ore. The commonly used equipment is a jig; For granular manganese iron ore, the separation effect of single gravity separation method is not good, and the combined beneficiation process can be selected.


2. Magnetic separation

The iron in the manganese ore exists in the form of iron oxide with weak magnetic properties, so the strong magnetic separation method can remove the iron ore well and improve the recovery grade of the manganese ore. The magnetic separation method is simple to operate and has strong adaptability. It can also be combined with roasting to convert iron oxide into magnetite to better improve the separation effect. The commonly used equipment is wet magnetic separator and dry magnetic separator.

3. Flotation

The flotation method can better separate the gangue minerals for the fine-grained or fine-grained manganese iron ore, but the manganese iron ore has complex components, poor flotability, and is easy to sludge, and the consumption of chemicals is large. The flotation effect is not ideal, so it is often used in combination with other methods. The commonly used equipment is a flotation machine.

4 .Chemical beneficiation

There are two kinds of manganese iron ore chemical beneficiation methods: chemical leaching method and bacterial leaching method. Chemical leaching method is widely used. Bacterial leaching method has higher production requirements and is rarely used. The chemical beneficiation method can obtain high-grade and low-impurity manganese concentrate, and can also recover other valuable metals.


5. Roasting method

The manganese minerals in the form of soft manganese and the iron minerals in the form of hematite in the manganese iron ore are closely symbiotic, and there is a phenomenon of isomorphism. The separation effect of conventional gravity separation and magnetic separation methods is not ideal. The weak magnetic iron minerals are converted into strong magnetic magnetite, and the separation of iron and manganese is realized by the magnetic separation method.


6 .Fire enrichment

Pyro-enrichment of ferromanganese ore is to selectively reduce ferromanganese ore in a blast furnace, preferentially reducing iron minerals, and manganese is enriched in the slag in the form of manganese oxide. The pyro-enrichment process is simple and the recovery rate is high, but the energy consumption is large and the investment is large, and there are many impurities in the product.

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