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List of quartz sand beneficiation equipment

313 10.Aug.2022 KZ Editor

At present, the common quartz ore beneficiation process is to remove the mineral impurities in the quartz ore by scrubbing, magnetic separation, chute gravity separation, flotation, pickling or a combination of several methods to obtain the particle size and impurities of the quartz ore. The content meets the requirements of high-purity quartz ore. In this process, the commonly used quartz mineral processing equipment mainly includes rod mill, magnetic separator, flotation machine, hindered settler, XCIII hydrocyclone, high-frequency and high-efficiency dewatering screen, inclined plate concentrator, washing tower, desliming Buckets, slurry pumps, etc.

In this article, we will mainly introduce rod mills, magnetic separators, flotation machines, hindered settlers and XCIII hydrocyclones.

01 Rod Mill

In the processing of quartz ore, rod mills are mostly used as grinding equipment, which has good grinding effect, controllable discharge particle size and certain scrubbing function.

◆ Quartz ore grinding discharge particle size is generally between 40-120 mesh. The steel rod of the rod mill is in contact with the material surface, and it is not easy to over-grind. At the same time, it is guaranteed to grind qualified products and exclude unqualified products.


◆ Use rod mill to process quartz ore, which can scrub to a certain extent and help to remove some impurities.

◆ The steel rods and steel rods of the quartz ore rod mill have a certain screening effect on the quartz ore during the movement, so that the large particles can be lifted to the top position of each layer and concentrated to the place with strong crushing force. crushing ability.

02 Magnetic separator

Magnetic separation is one of the effective methods to remove iron-containing impurities in quartz ore, so as to remove weak magnetic impurity minerals such as hematite, limonite, and biotite including conjoined particles as much as possible.


Intensive magnetic separation usually adopts wet strong magnetic separator or high gradient magnetic separator. Generally speaking, for quartz whose impurities are mainly weak magnetic impurity minerals such as limonite, hematite, biotite, etc., it can be selected by a wet high-magnetic machine above 10000GS; for impurities mainly containing magnetite, for strong magnetic minerals, It is best to use a weak magnetic machine or a medium magnetic machine for sorting. In order to further remove a small amount of other weak magnetic minerals (such as amphibole, pyroxene, the combination of magnetic minerals and quartz), a high-gradient magnetic separator with a magnetic field strength greater than 12,000 Gauss can be used for secondary magnetic separation.

03 Flotation machine

Flotation is also a beneficiation method widely used in quartz ore processing plants, mainly to remove non-magnetic associated impurities such as feldspar and mica in quartz sand. The quartz sand beneficiation equipment used in this process is various suction mechanical stirring flotation machines (SF type flotation machine, BF type flotation machine, JJF type flotation machine) and air-filled mechanical stirring flotation machine (KYF type flotation machine). machine, XCF flotation machine)).

04 Obstructed settler

The hindered settler is a disturbance settling equipment, which is mainly composed of a cylinder, a bracket, a feed port, an overflow tank, a retaining ring, a support seat, a pressure detector, an electric valve and an automatic control system. . Special equipment especially effective for non-metals such as ores. The material is affected by the rising water flow in the cylinder to achieve the purpose of particle size classification and specific gravity separation, with high production efficiency and low energy consumption. It can be equipped with an automatic control system, and the adjustment of operating parameters is simple, convenient and easy to control. The water tank at the bottom of the cylinder can be equipped with a special rubber nozzle device. When the water stops, the rising water hole automatically closes,

In the quartz ore dressing plant, the hindered settler can strictly classify the coarse and fine particles, completely replacing the fine screen for particle size control.

05 XCⅢ Hydrocyclone

The XCIII hydrocyclone has a specially designed fish tail device in the grit chamber and a specially designed siphon device on the top of the overflow tank, so it has excellent characteristics that other hydrocyclones cannot match. Through the adjustment of the siphon device, a higher underflow concentration and a lower overflow concentration can be obtained. For the silica (quartz) industry, the overflow can be adjusted to almost release water and the underflow concentration can be as high as 85%. In addition, the specially designed fish tail device can keep the discharge concentration and overflow fineness of the swirl cone bottom flow constant when the ore feeding amount, ore feeding concentration and ore feeding pressure fluctuate within a certain range.


06 Summary

In the actual beneficiation process, the selection of quartz ore beneficiation technology and equipment is often determined according to various factors such as the nature of the quartz ore, the conditions of the beneficiation plant, and the investment budget. We need to comprehensively consider factors such as the actual situation and investment of the concentrator to determine the beneficiation plan, and customize the quartz ore beneficiation equipment to achieve an ideal return on investment.

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